[How to eat barley for a week and a half]_Children_How to eat

[How to eat barley for a week and a half]_Children_How to eat

As babies get older, milk has become a complementary food because the body needs more and more nutrients.

Therefore, it is possible to gradually increase the complementary food for the baby. The one-year-old baby should already be able to gradually increase the complementary food because of the needs of the body.

Therefore, when adding complementary food to your baby, you often pay attention to many problems.

To change from single to gradual, how can a baby of one week and a half eat barley?

How to arrange a day and a half baby’s recipe?

One to two year old babies will gradually grow a few teeth, and the main food will gradually shift from milk to mixed food. At this time, the baby’s digestive system is not mature, so it is not yet possible to give the baby an adult’sFood, according to the baby’s physiological characteristics and nutritional needs, make delicious food for him to ensure balanced nutrition.

It should be noted that: First, the baby’s stomach capacity is limited, it is advisable to eat less frequently.

Before the age of 1 and a half, you can give your baby two snacks in addition to three meals. The snack time can be in the afternoon and at night; after one and a half years, the meal can be reduced to one meal and the snack time can be in the afternoon.

However, when adding snacks, you should pay attention to the amount of snacks, not too much, and the time should not be too close to the meal, so as not to affect the appetite of the meal, and not to give the baby snacks at will, otherwise the nutritional imbalance will be caused by a long time.

Second, eat more vegetables and fruits.

One of the main sources of your baby’s daily nutrition is vegetables, especially orange-green vegetables, such as tomatoes, carrots, rapeseed, bell peppers, etc.

These vegetables can be processed into finely chopped and sautéed vegetables and seasoned, and mixed with rice for feeding.

It should be noted that fruits should also be given to babies, but fruits cannot replace vegetables. Babies between 1 and 2 years old should eat vegetables every day. The total amount of fruits is 150-250 grams.

Third, appropriate intake of animal and plant protein.

It contains a lot of high-quality protein in meat, fish, beans and eggs. You can use these foods for pork soup, or feed your baby with minced meat, fish balls, tofu, egg custard and other easily digestible foods.

1 to 2 year old babies should eat 40-50 grams of meat, 25-50 grams of soy products, 1 egg and 4 eggs. The milk is rich in nutrients, especially to reduce calcium, which is good for the baby to absorb. Therefore, milk is stillFoods that your baby cannot eat should ensure 250-500 ml per day.

Fifth, eat coarse and fine grains to avoid vitamin B1 deficiency.

The staple food can be soft rice, porridge, steamed buns, steamed buns, dumplings, steamed buns, etc. It doesn’t matter if you don’t eat too much, the daily absorption is about 150 grams.

For children between one and two years of age, the diet is changing from dairy to food, vegetables, and meat. The food types and cooking methods of children will gradually transition to the same as adults.

The arrangement of nutritional recipes cannot be the same, but should be different within a week, so that the baby has a freshness and can increase appetite.