Because Li Hui said these words,And what she did,It is indeed doing the marriage。

“breeze,Do you really think so??”
“Yup,I have been thinking so too.,But I have never dared to say。”
Li Hui Feng speaks,It’s also going to the ticket office.。
Xu Ruzhen is a part of reluctance:“That,I will give you,You remember to go home.。”
“Hey-hey,rest assured,As long as there is a sister, our home is。”
Say this,Li Hui Hui put his hand with Xu Ru.。
Looking at Li Hui’s back to the back,Xu Ruzhen is also a two-line tears.。
And these Li Hui is unless。
I didn’t have long after Li Hui Hui,Xiao Chenpong is received by Wang Ergun to him.。
Especially when I saw Xu Ruzhen’s face, I looked at Li Hui’s way.,His heart can’t help but pain。
The first thousand one hundred and twenty-nine chapter sisters flower private
He feels all this, everything should belong to him.。
Since Li Hui has left,He decided to start acting.。
He wants to pursue each other,Crazy pursuit。
He believes in your own value,Strength can be conquered Xu Ruzhen。
If it is not,He even wanted to come hard,But once it is hard,Think of Li Hui’s means,He is afraid。
He wants to quietly, let Ru Ru love him.,Then in this way,Even if Li speaks from the wind,Also will take him no way。
Think here,He is directly excited to let Wang Erju prepare the banner。
Drinking Li Hui Feng gives soup,His value is also a day to recover than one day.。
Continue like this,I can’t use it for a few days.。
Think of those fans,Think of your own traffic,His confident is bursting。
Although it lost more than one billion,But he feels that everything is worth it.。
Just get a fixed joy,So take advantage of each other,He even feels your own traffic can burst。
When the horse flower came to the magic,He got a message Li Hui Hui has left。
This makes him feel discouraged.。
I didn’t expect him to take the initiative to find someone.,This person is still gone.。
I immediately called Xiao Chenpong phone.。
“Xiao Xiao,I have already arrived.,Have you told Li Hui to let him wait for me??”
Hey, you are coming so fast.?
I thought you would be very busy.,So I didn’t talk to him.。”
Xiao Chen becomes the original I have to tell each other.,But I think about it.,This kind of poor lie is sure to break。
The sorry is not as good as the truth.。
The horse flower listened to this,It’s a speechless,He feels that you can’t do this.,The leg is behind the legs.。
“alright,Then I will not find you.,I have deal with other things.,And you recently give me low-key points,Don’t provoke people,Especially the official people,Negative point,Otherwise, the next time people want to blocked you.,I can’t keep you.,Know?”
“Hey-hey,uncle,do not worry,I know,And I still haven’t you say so silly。”
The horse flower is listening to this,I know more and use it.。