Soon after Fang Yu left,Pan Muhu sent someone to notify Fang Yu。

Ready to go in for surgery!
Fang Yu is just a deputy,After a little preparation, I went to the operating room。
This time the operation is a liver resection,Actually very simple。Even if other interns’ deputies come,It can also be done easily。
only,Pan Muhu is still very serious。
Let Fang Yu help。
all,Seems to go well。
Except that Fang Yu is a little casual。
“All right,You sew!This little thing,It’s not difficult for you?”
Pan Muhu removed half of his liver,Then get ready。
The rest,Give it to Fang Yu!
“Can’t stitch yet!”
Fang Yu took a look at the situation,Shook his head。
“anymore question?Isn’t everything done?!”
Pan Muhu puzzled。
“There is a small tumor here……You did not remove!”
Fang Yu pointed not far away,Serious。
“No way……”
Pan Muhu took a closer lookCTimage,There is no information about that location。