Xia Jian put two boxes of milk at the feet of the male doctor and said:“Everyone has been busy all morning,I invite you to have breakfast,Please don’t give up”

A male doctor,Smile on face,I immediately greeted the little nurse and moved to the inside,The atmosphere in the ward suddenly became more harmonious。Xia Jian is mixing outside,He still knows a little about human feelings。
Cai Li points to Xia Jian,To the little girl in the hospital bed:“Yiyi,This is Uncle Xia,He brought you to the hospital,Say thank you!”
“Thank you Uncle Xia!”Xiao Yiyi just woke up,Breath is a little weak,Xia Jian smiled flusteredly,So he bought the food,Put it on the bed。
He Jingbai glanced at him and said:“Children can eat so much at once?Really”Talking,Left a few copies for Yiyi,The rest are installed。
With the voice of a child,There was a lot of excitement in the ward,But at this moment,Gao Wei with Lu Monkey,There are also a few sluggish guys,Suddenly broke into the ward。
“Cai Li,What the fuck did you do to my daughter”Shouting loudly,Hit with a fist。
Xia Jian on the side can’t stand it anymore,He shouted:“you dare!In front of your daughter,You dare to beat her mother”This sound really works,Xiao Yiyi on the hospital bed cried and called to her mother。
Gao Wei put down his fist,Said to Xia Jian coldly:“You fucking don’t be proud,Now in Pingdu,Without Long Brother,Aren’t you shit,You’d better not interfere with my family affairs,See clearly,This is my daughter,I’m not dead yet,It’s not your turn to worry”
Xia Jian was so angry that he couldn’t speak,Male doctor walking out of the room,Asked quietly:“You are the kid’s father?Excuse me, the children have burned to 41 degrees,You don’t send the child to the hospital,Where are you?If not for him,This child might be burned out now”
Gao Weiyi listen,This is like a punctured ball,Suddenly came down。
Cai Li came over,He lowered his voice and said to Gao Wei:“Please get out,Otherwise I will be in front of the child,Die for you”Although the voice is very low,But it sounds terrible。
The muscles on Gao Wei’s face twitched twice,Turn around and take which of his brothers away,Before going out,Monkey Lu turned around,Chao Xiajian shouted:“Kid,Our business is endless”
Cai Li with a humble face,Speak softly to Xia Jian:“Sorry,I never thought about my family,Involved you back in,The child is fine now,You guys go back soon!Medical expenses paid in advance,Wait for pay,I’ll give you back”
Xia Jian took a breath,Whisper:“Come here”
Got sick,Xia Jian saw that there was no one in the passage,Only then took out two thousand yuan from his pocket,Put it into Cai Li’s hand and say:“You save the money in a hurry,Give it back to me when I have it”
“Is it a bit too much,New year soon,Everyone needs money”Cai Li asked softly。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“You’re welcome,I still have,If you have any difficulties,You can call me anytime,Don’t be afraid of Gao Wei,I have a chance to clean him up”