After all, the village will pass in the village to go to school when you go to school.,In her impression, now college students understand.,But it is very much thin with Li Hui’s face.,There are also college students in their villages.,And when she will go home every year,That college students can have a praise for her,But the desire of the God is also clear and visible.。

Didn’t dare to look at her appearance with Li Hui’s shame。
“Gigate,You turn your head over.,The scorpion already got up.,You can’t see it.。”
Liu Yanfeng is not so good,So much,Li Hui is even more shy.。
He also don’t know why,With the village, he really can’t get a joke.,But the people who followed the face but feel the thief thick。
Li Hui Rong turned over,But still can’t look at it.,But this eye is so late, I still saw a deep“Scull,I haven’t worry, I have to go to the Heitang first.。”
“Gill you, you,Still you want to see,The scorpion wants to discuss something。”
Somehow,For Li Hui’s shy eyes,She doesn’t have a slightest,Instead, there is a very happy feeling.。
But the eyes of the college students in the village of the village,She is some dislike。
“Forehead,Scull,Is there anything you need?”
Li Hui Hui, who was originally thinking about it quickly.,I also stopped the other party.。
“In fact, there is no big thing.,It’s you have a job in the future.,The scorpion has a strong learning ability,And it is also very hard。”
Be said by the other party,Li Hui Feng suddenly remembered that Zhao had a lot of things.。
“Hey-hey,I really have a job here.,I don’t know if you are willing to be willing.。”
“Willing to be willing,Affirmation。”
Liu Yanfeng listened to Li Hui Feng really work,It is also not hesitating and just now.。
“Scull,You listen to me first.,I didn’t tell you that wages were awkward.,Be willing to?”
“Who don’t know if you are a big man?,Where is your work?,You just say what to do.。”
Li Hui Feng did not expect the other party to trust him so。
Some feelings in my heart。
“Scull,You need to train this job first,Then I can work,You go to train to learn, I will give you money.,One hundred days,Waiting for you to return to you for two hundred work a day。”
Hearing this good thing,Liu Yanfeng is also a happy,But think of yourself and two children,I can’t help but some hesitate.。
“Xiao Li,You also know that I still have children.,If you go to learn, you can’t do it.。”
“Forehead,That if this is like this,Just waiting for the people who sent them to learn.,You will do it with others.,But you have a day from the apprentice.,After an apprentice, it is two hundred days.,How about it?”
Chapter 439, chapter, willow sweet ideas
Liu Yanfeng heard that Li Hui Feng was also very happy.。
“Row,This is very good,Xiao Li doesn’t go to my house to eat at night.,The scorpion, please eat a table.。”
“Hey-hey,no need,no need,I have to take a look at the two rivers.。”
After that, Li will go directly to the upstream.。
Looking at Li Hui’s shy look,Liu Yanfeng also can’t help but laugh.,She feels that Li Hui is definitely not that kind of youth who wants to do with people in school.,If Li Hui is the same as youth,I will never see it today.。
Li Hui Feng did not know the idea of Liu Yanfeng,He went to the two rivers that he had just contracted.,Discover the area than he thinks,At the same time, it is also prepared for the next development.。
Just when he was ready to go back, he would contact Sun Yaru.,It is to see that Qin Su Ya is also moving in the sky and walks toward him.。
“breeze,I want to learn anything.。”
Qin Su Ya first used a very strong eyes to look at Li Hui Feng,Such a look will make Li Xiang’s wind is also a。