582 Bonuses and bounty
After Chen Xiu came back from Panlong Mountain that night,Anshan will not be quiet next。
Europe、The Qin Family’s struggle has been escalated,Qin Bodong、Qin Xiong and his son have been attacked many times。
On the contrary, Qin Zhi has not been moving,Chen Xiu still shuttles Qin Zhi to and from get off work every day,When the company is idle, I seriously study《Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic》、《Suwen》、《Treatise on》These classic Chinese medicine books。
He has studied before《Tao Te Ching》、《Book of Changes》Foundation,It seems that ancient Chinese is not difficult,The only thing to remember is the twelve seriousness of the human body、These,And various pulse conditions、Observation、Audible diagnosis of these。
Especially the pulse condition,《Behind the elbow》It says there is Hong
583 Yuquan Mountain
Hung up the video call of Ye Hongfei and Tang Ren,Chen Xiu is the identity of the Palace of Curiosity Changchun。
Look on the surface,The palace family in Anshan is just an ordinary rich man,When Gong Daoming didn’t partner with him in an auction house, he was worth more than 2 billion.,It’s incomparable with such a giant Qin family。
Not to mention that with Tang, who is in such an international city as the magic city.、Ye Family Comparison。
Ye Hongfei and Tang Ren said,If Qin Bodong loses in the fight against Ou Jianhua,,Gong Changchun can keep him。
“Is Gong Changchun’s true identity、Better than Qin Bodong?