Qin Feng and others reacted at once,David seems to want to think of the root of these vegetables。

Because in David’s view,Normal person,It’s impossible to get these secret recipes for no reason,Only from some special places,This is what you can get。
“Now know these things,That’s not easy to deal with,You know that guy is very treacherous,A little carelessness may cause us trouble。”
Huang Junjie is also very skeptical,David deliberately gave them a direction,Let them relax。
“How does he find,That has nothing to do with us,correct,Did your relationship discover David’s special situation??”Qin Feng also expects them to develop more,Because he is really weak。
“Ugh,I can’t help it in this situation,Because those are foreign situations,The people on my side are all domestic。”Tianguang is a person with good connections,But he has no way to mobilize people。
of course,If it is launched on a large scale,There is no problem,But there is another situation,That’s how complicated it is,If you don’t pay attention, you may leak the wind。
Maybe David will have some precautions,But once the grass is scared,,Some things can’t be continued。
Heard this,Qin Feng also said somewhat distressed:“I understand,Is there anything else??”
“Other situations,That’s also there,It’s just that you have to be optimistic,According to some information,Someone seems to be coming from David’s company。”Lin Qianqian also has a headache,Because she has already focused attention on the situation there。
This is why you can know as soon as there is news。
Qin Feng didn’t care much:“Even if someone comes,But what can be done?We are also capable enough to handle it?”
Besides,No matter what he is here,I didn’t care,What I care about is how this guy can be sent in。
Qin Feng hates David now,If possible,He wants to kill people。