“All right,One minute is up,Answer quickly!”Lena finished,I have to take my hand away。

Xin Zhao tried hard again,But fortunately, Lena should consider the reason why he is a sick person,Didn’t use too much strength,Otherwise Xin Zhao might not be able to hold her hand。
As for whether the time is up to one minute,Xin Zhao will never think again about this question,Because thinking is useless。
“Big sister head,You see, things are actually divided into two situations,I can’t beat you now。I feel that even if it’s hard work,It can’t hurt the hair of the big sister’s head,So now this question,Won’t exist at all,right!”In order to convince Lena,Xin Zhao’s eyes attack again,But obviously,This time Lena was not so easy to fool。
“All right,Keep talking later,If you can beat me,so what should I do now,Will you hurt me!”Lena thought about her dream at night,It’s better to let her sometimes not know how to face Xin Zhao。
Xin Zhao looked at Lena,From her pretty face,Keep seeing the mountain,Across the plain,Then I saw two big long legs。
“If i tell the truth,Big sister, you can’t hit me!”For the sake of my own life,Zhao
Xin thinks it is better to explain in advance。
And Lena heard Xin Zhao’s words,Eyes blinked,Then nod“can,I won’t hit you!”
“Then I can talk!”
Xin Zhao felt his heartbeat broke through a hundred and eighty in an instant,That’s the feeling of adrenaline surge,For a moment he felt his physical condition improved a lot。
“Big sister head,If i can beat you,Then I will catch you,And put it in one hundred and one hundred poses,Do whatever you want,Do whatever you want!”
This is what Xin Zhao said,Although it’s a little bit wretched,But which man is not trivial,Xin Zhao admitted so boldly,How to drop。
Hear this answer,Lena was stunned。
She really didn’t expect Xin Zhao’s answer to be so direct,She thought that Xin Zhao would hide herself,Then you can find the flaws of Xin Zhao。
It turned out to be good,Xin Zhao doesn’t follow the routine at all,Say this to her at this time,So she doesn’t know what to do!
This answer is very Xin Zhao’s style,Hear his answer,Lena felt that her impression of Xin Zhao suddenly became clearer。
“Ok,Count you through,I look forward to you getting better soon,I’ll let you know the end of Kou He at that time!”Saying so,Lena was directly under Xin Zhao’s dumbfounded eyes,Took out his palm,And put it on Xin Zhao’s head,Knead it gently。
Hurry up, it’s like playing pets。