Chapter 10 Enters the new stage of socialist reform and opening up and modern construction

  I. Deng Xiaoping inspects the Southern and the Party’s 14th National Central 1980s, in the early 1990s, the development of the party and the country is another critical juncture. With the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the drama of the Eastern European countries, the international socialist movement has a low tide, and the east and west poles have ended. This major change in the world, the major reorganization, has a huge impact on China.

On the one hand, the world has a multi-polar trend, and Western countries have stepped up the competition and penetration of the original socialist countries. Some developing countries seize the opportunity to increase the economic globalization process, which is a strong development momentum, and China is frustrated by Western countries. Sanctions, but the severe challenges are still present.

On the other hand, this complex situation makes a considerable part of cadres and the idea of ??the masses.

Some people lack confidence in socialism. Some people put forward the "Society" or "Signal" in the reform and opening up, and the party’s basic route has been shaken.

In this way, can adhere to the party’s basic lines in front of the various pressures and difficulties at home and abroad, continue to push forward the reform and opening up and socialist modernization, and become the party must be entered into the 1990s. Solve major problems. At this critical moment, in early 1992, Deng Xiaoping inspected the south and published an important conversation. From January 18th to February 21, 1992, Deng Xiaoping has inspected Wuchang, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shanghai and other places. On the way insight, he repeatedly issued the conversation, and the party’s basic route should take a hundred years and not shaken.

The reform and opening up is large, dare to test. The criteria of judging should mainly see whether it is conducive to the development of the productivity of socialist society, whether it is conducive to the enhancement of the comprehensive national strength of socialist countries, whether it is conducive to improving the living standards of the people. Plans a little more than the market, not the essence of socialism and capitalism.

The essence of socialism is to liberate productivity, develop productivity, eliminate exploitation, eliminate both polarization, and finally reach common prosperity. Socialism should win the advantages of comparing with capitalism, it is necessary to boldly absorb all civilization achievements created by human society, including the advanced operational methods and management methods of modern social production laws today.

China should be alert to right, but mainly to prevent "left". To seize the opportunity, develop yourself, the key is the development of the economy. Development is the last word.

It is necessary to rely on science and technology and education, and economic development can be a little faster. It is necessary to stick to both hands, and grasp the reform and opening up, and arrest a variety of criminal activities.

Two hands have to be hard.

In the entire reform and opening up, you must always adhere to the four basic principles, and it is necessary to oppose corruption, and the construction of integrity should be arrested as a major event. China’s things can not be done well, from a certain sense, the key is people, the key is that the key is to do well within our Communist Party. Socialism has experienced a long process for a long process, it must replace capitalism.

This is the general trend of unrebeiled social history. Some countries have serious twists and socialism seems to be weakened, but the people are subject to exercise and learn from lessons, which will prompt socialism to develop in a healthier direction. We engage in socialism for decades and are also in the primary stage.

Consolidating and developing socialism, takes a few generations, more than a dozen generations, and even dozens of generations have struggled to struggle. From now on, in the middle of the next century, it will be a very tight period, we have to bury their heads. These conversations scientifically summarize the basic practice and basic experience since the Third Plenary Session of the Party, which is theoretically answered many major awareness issues for long-term troubles and binding people’s thoughts. It is to push the reform and opening up and modernization to the new stage. Another declaration of emancipating ideas and seeking truth from facts.

The Political Bureau of the Party believes that this conversation is not only a very important guiding role in the current national reform and development, but also has a very important guiding role in the 14th National Congress of the Party, but also has a significant and far-reaching significance for the entire socialist modernization.

  The Party Central Committee quickly conveys Deng Xiaoping’s southern conversation to the whole party, and the State Council has also made a series of decisions accelerating the reform and opening up and economic development.

The whole party is guided by Deng Xiaoping’s southern conversation, further unifying thoughts, making it fully prepared for the 14th National Congress of the Party.

  From October 12 to 18, 1992, the Communist Party held the fourteenth National Congress.

The General Assembly officially represents 1989, representing more than 51 million party members in the country. The report adopted a report on the "Socialism of China’s Communist Party (Amendment)", the General Assembly accelerated the pace of reform and opening up and modernization of China’s characteristics, and adopted the resolution of "China Communist Party Regulations (Amendment)". Central Committee and Central Discipline Inspection Committee. This meeting made three far-reaching decisions: First, the establishment of Deng Xiaoping’s construction has the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the guiding position of the whole party. Jiang Zemin reviewed the practice of reform and opening up in the fourteen, from the development of road, development stage, fundamental tasks, development motivation, external conditions, political guarantees, strategic steps, leadership and relying on power, to achieve the nine aspects of the motherland, summarize Building a main content of socialism with Chinese characteristics; pointing out that this theory is in the historical conditions of peace and development, in the practice of my country’s socialist reform and modernization, summing up my country’s historical experience, and learn from Based on the historical experience of the national socialist, it is gradually formed and developed. It is the first time to initially answer a series of fundamental issues such as China’s economic culture, constructing, consolidating and developing socialism. It is the product of the basic principle of Marxism and the actual and era characteristics of contemporary China. It is the inheritance and development of Mao Zedong ‘s thoughts. It is the crystallization of the collective wisdom of the whole party and the whole country. It is the most precious spiritual wealth of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people.

The partition amendment adopted by the General Assembly, wrote the basic line of building socialism with Chinese characteristics and the basic line of the party in the primary stage of socialism. Second, clarify the goal of my country’s economic system reform is to establish a socialist market economic system. The conference requires the establishment of a socialist market economy system, we must formulate overall planning, planned, and step by step to carry out corresponding system reforms and policy adjustments.

  The third is to ask the whole party to seize the opportunity, accelerate the development, concentrate on engage in economic construction.

The conference consistently believes that the domestic conditions are present, the international environment is favorable, both challenges, more opportunities, is accelerating development, deepening reform, promoting social progress, and seizes this favorable opportunity.

At the same time, it is proposed that the development speed of my country’s economy should increase from the original average, adjusted to 8-9%; to the end of the 20th century, my country’s national economy overall quality and comprehensive national strength will be a new level, national The total production value will exceed the original objective, and the people’s lives will enter Xiaokang by the warmth.

  The General Assembly decided no longer set up a central advisory committee. From the party’s 12th to 14th National Congress, the Central Advisory Commission assisted the Party Central Committee to maintain a large number of fruitful work in order to maintain the party’s unity and social stability, promote reform and opening up and modernization, and established history for the party, state and people. Sexual performance, excellent completion of your mission. Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Qiao Shi, Li Rui, Zhu Rongji, Liu Huaqing, and Hu Jintao were the Standing Committee of the Central Committee and Jiang Zemin as the General Secretary of the Central Committee; Decided Jiang Zemin as the Central Military Commission, the Central Committee; Check the secretary of the committee. One meeting of the eighth National People’s Congress held in March 1993, Jiang Zemin was the president of the State, the Chairman of the National Central Military Commission, and Qiao Shi were the Chairman of the Eighth National People’s Congress Standing Committee; decided that Li Peng was the Premier of the State Council. Taking Deng Xiaoping’s Southern Talk and the Party’s 14th National Sign, China ‘s Socialist Reform and Opening and Modernization Entering New Development Stage.

  (The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has published the Source: the Ziyun Department website.