Powerful Nothing to hurt Liao Jie,There are no small Harm yourself。

Can so even Instant’s instant,Strong explosive spillation Yunlu was shocked and connected,Back on the sofa。
Sofa turned over People also turn over Good in the bottom of the value,Fairy fluttering。
Liao Jie closed the eyes opened,Blood-furnished eyes die to the sky,After three seconds Just grip in the sky Prepare a while,This pair is close to。
“Big brother,The situation is a bit wrong,Last time, the blood of the sea is brainless,I want to sit on a break.”
Liao Jie said Nothing to reply,The knee and sits started to cultivate。
There are two kinds of mental power in his body. A source of nine-word true words,Positive Easy Taoist Method Another six-day big yin fairy from the wrong practice。When I am in the palm of my opinion,Thunder consumption Red thought By swallowing the chance of the sky Strong to an unimaginable degree。
It is precisely because of this,Liao Jie has enough skill to play,Replace it,This palm is also the extent of iron sand palm.。
at the moment,He must practice as soon as possible,Put the vitality of the vacancy,If you are late, you can’t look back.。
“Take a rest slowly,I am behind,Will not let others bother you。”
Nice,Wipe off the blood,Close eye checking itself,Not very good,Thirty years of skill lost for thirty years,It’s going to be able to take the blood color.。
Tianshi,Go through the brain,I forgot this.。
It has been for more than 30 years.,He has another hundred years of skill,Coupled with the invincible day,Under the sky,Still no one is his opponent。
Moreover,He is taking the spirit in her early years yet digested clean,Diligent exercise,Soon, you can make it back.。
This thing didn’t say this,I didn’t plan to tell Liao Jie.,For the thinking, he is hard, Liao Jie practicing,Belong to the party,Thirty years of skill will make up。
This is also the red mental force so powerful,I can even support the reason for the consumption of God.,Tianshi thirty years,Sound from the natural context of self-cultivation,The degree of thickness is far from Dude Hui and the late 20th year。
Not related to the year,Both parties of disparity,Root is not a heavyweight。I really want to compare,Wu Dehui and the power of at least a hundred years,Realm changes in realization,Acquisition。
“not good,Cloudless!”
Take a head,I quickly pulled it out of the Gong Luolian who was sealed by the sofa.,The latter is shocking,Just woke up for a while,Faint。
Senior licking dogs for more than seven hundred years,The weather will not blame the cloud,Even when I just got two feet,Secretly,I hope that Yunlu is increased。
He carefully supported the cloud,Place it in bedroom bed,Then after the light hand is open,Dare to make a docking point。
Of course,Dogs also have a colorful,Beauty is in front and coma is not awake,No one around
Good time,Don’t do something,Simply beasts are not as good as。
Tianyi double eyes flashing,A deep breath,Treasing clouds,In his little hand secretly touched a。
happy,This hand is not washed.。
Internal perspective state,A plate is a one-glance in the sight.,Liao Jie looked around,Idea,Endless darkness,Magical,Like the millennium ice sculpture。
I don’t know if it is an illusion.,He didn’t see Jin Guangcan’s Buddha Light on the Devil.,Inversely, there is a signs of flooding.。
Red-haired purple,More and more evil。
Liao Jie shook his head,Actively exit inner view,Research on the latest prompt on the system interface。
I am like the mysterious
Look at this meaning,Chemoon and entry、As in the room,Represents a grade,But he only knows that it is Dengfeng.,What level is what level?,He is not clear。
can only say,It looks very powerful。
Have a good time,Liao Jie is not too happy,High level、Disrupted,relatively,The consumption is also a day number。
Under normal circumstances,His mental force is dried and can’t beat a picture.,Under normal state,Only use blood color mental force can be calm。
very dangerous,Enormous,It’s hard to go to the sky。
This price,Liao Jie is unwilling to bear,Give him time,He has a confidence to mix better than the sky.。The potential of the magic body is not necessarily,Get out of the fairy law,Entering the magic,This is not long-lasting。
Can only barely be a card,Suitable for desperateness and each other。