Lunch point,Lu Min took the initiative to find Yucheng,Request。
Zhou Ye is very surprised,But still agreed,He is very curious, why Lu Min will suddenly find yourself to eat together,But I thought about it.,It may be because yesterday Wang Hao helped her to celebrate the birthday.,Therefore, Lu Min regards him as a friend.,Besides,Zhou Ye I really can’t find any other reason.。
Two side shoulders walk,Slowly walk into the canteen,This paragraph in front of the cafeteria is a soft stone.,Stepping on the feet cooling into the whole body,Two walking so,Not talk,Until walked into the cafeteria, I was sitting together.,Nobody opens a sentence,Some of the atmosphere of the atmosphere and awkward。
Finally, I can’t hurt my wild.,Just find the topic:“I heard that there is a river dam of a village today.,Daddy does not control,Directly destroyed the village,I don’t know how the situation is now.,When you say necessary,Our hospital will send people to support and rescue.。”
Lu Min was ambiguous.:“Will do。”
Then both people were silent and embarrassed.。
Zhou Ye worsen,Expression of numbness,When I came to the hospital together in the morning,Ming Ming Lu Min did not be so cold for himself.,Why did you come over a morning?,The attitude seems to be sentenced to two people。
“Is there anything??”Zhou Ye I can’t hurt my heart.,Can’t stand this awkward atmosphere,So he asked straight straight.,Two perseverances continue to rotate,Staring at Lu Min。
Lu Min did so early detected the doubts of Zhou Ye.,This is directly asked directly,She is still an accident。
“No……fine。”Lu Min lung。
Her face is a little red,From small to large,Lu Min only wants to lie,Be blushing。
“Really good?”
Zhou Ye wizards meat,Bite a bit,Some angry。
He thinks that Lu Min is strange,Clearly,Why don’t you talk directly?。
Zhou Ye I pushed the Lu Min,Tang her as a friend,Lu Min seems to have other things in his heart.。
“Really good,Let’s eat,I have a rest in the afternoon.。”Lu Min is very simply replied,Her eyes are flashing,And all this is in the direction of Zhou Ji.。
Zhou Ye also can’t ask a girl’s heart.,Maybe Lu Min may be a bad mood.,It’s also possible.。
He feels no longer thinking.,Chewing the minced meat,Extremely aqueous judo:“it is good,Sister,You are fine.,I am also afraid that you have a heart.,I think girls have too much.,Not a good thing,Just like a glass,Water can’t install too much,Too much,Completely thinking
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Zhou Ye went to the corridor。
Xiahongqiu’s current problem is mainly fever、Big red spots and symmetry of the cheeks。
There are many diseases that can cause joint pain.,Sometimes it is also possible.,Therefore, when Zhou Yucu is carefully, it is carefully pressing the various painful joints in Xiahongqiu.,Wrist、Finger and knee joint,He carefully checked it again in 1511。
The results of the inspection are more directed to symmetrical guidelines.。
Therefore, Zhou Ye also biased the possibility of considering systemic lupus erythematosus.。
Originally, he still thinks there is any possibility of rheumatoid joints.,But the rheumatoid joint is generally biased toward near-end fingers.、The wrist and palm joints are more obvious,And generally have bone destruction,Therefore, Zhou Jixiang has decided to finish all inspections and then consider this problem.。
The Summer brown spots on the face,Zhou Yewu has been in the gallery of the ward,But I can’t consciously sigh.:“It is a young girl.,Girls love beauty,Since the result is a problem,It is a bit a pity。”
I think that Xia Red Qiu is more than 20 years old.,Zhou Ye is difficult to control the stunning sigh。
This is too miserable.。
If you have born, there is no mother.,Childhood is spent in the orphanage,Zhou Ye did not dare to imagine how Xia Red Qiu’s childhood is spent。