A large number of mental consumption,Just in Liao Wenjie feel that the body is hollowed out.,The location of the whole person,Space spiral distortion,Cube crystal expansion package body,The next second collapse to the shadowless,I have disappeared with him.。

Shanqing water show,Tian Gao Biyuan,Mountain blue plastic,Winding up。
Liao Wenji is under a neck tree,Raise hand,Pale。
Obviously feel,This world is excluding him,I want to put him from this world.。
Besides,Teleble resistance is serious,Reviewing the depths of memory,This kind of dried feeling,He has not experienced it for a long time.。
“Good pain,Do you want to breathe?……”
Liao Wen Jie Pan,Face rose red,After three seconds,He suddenly remembered one thing。
Looks like he doesn’t have to breathe.。
His disk knee mobilization,Blood sea magic+Nine-character true words+Nandan,Red blue two-colorization is yin yang fish,Endily,Flying quickly ups place to consume vacancy。
Where he sits,Yin and Yang two air chart is spread along the ground,Creating a huge Taiji map。
Two hours,He spit out a touch,Double-eyed,Black and white two colors are not。
“It’s rare to take the initiative to practice one,Speed is so slow,The seriousness of this world’s law is serious than what I am in.。”
Liao Wenjie stood up,The inhibitory is still existing,He no matter,Pangdao’s contest,Suddenly,Over the face of remembering a smile。
“Although it is not a valuable world,But this feeling is not bad.,Old friend reunion,I have to drink a few more about what to say.。”
Liao Wenjie shock,Dwed dust on the clothes,Jumpered,Half-air is a gold-winged Dapeng,Rushing the sky,Towns in the distance……
Thunderstorm,Wanli clear sky is uncomfortable,Dedicated thunder is pressed against Dapeng,All road spark belt lightning,Still mad bombing after landing,Did it fry the ground in terms of more than ten meters of land。
Coke,Liao Wenjie raises his hand and climbed out the big pit,Handsome little white face hangs a little confused and wronged。
“No reason?,Why do you take a thunder??”
Liao Wenjie,A shot of dust,Put colabilight directly,The frank returns to nature。
I have no response from God.,Represents him a land god,what’s the situation,I should understand my heart.。
Liao Wenjie is some guess,But the evidence is insufficient,Dare to say。
Currently, the end of the world is serious,Bearing can’t afford him this land god,Black households are not free,Don’t want to be thundered,It’s old to be a man,Don’t move it, change it.,Gaofei。
“When the King of Heaven is invaded,My world……Oh,He is the same as me.,His hometown is expelled。”
Liao Wenjie raises his hand,White chain,Heavy stackable package,Finally‘seal up’Character,Stressing the huge power of the world can accommodate the upper limit of this world。
“it’s wired,Although I am also an Aboriginal,You should only have a body.,The soul is also a foreign household,Why is there I have not been thundered??”
“Is the world’s bearing capacity,Still because the earth is stinky,In order to upgrade yourself,I have chosen to avoid others.?”
“so complicated,Don’t understand。”
Liao Wenjie mutter a few words,Watched it on the body,Take out black suit。
A breeze roll,He rushed,Confirm that this time no lightning is served,Switch in the sky,And then accelerate from the original place。
A bunch of thunders,Liao Wenjie has been flushed to 100 meters,He stopped braking,Another middle finger,Collecting lightning unobstructed。
“You can’t fight,Hey,It’s not!”