“what,Did he see through my other shoe and hide the secret book!”

Liu Gou’s face changed,Turn around and run away,It’s just that his meridians have already been interrupted by Chen Xiu,Not to mention the true spirit,Just a few steps away,Chen Xiu waved his palm,A cyan blade cut out,Liu Gou’s head is on the ground。
Chen Xiu lifted his left foot with one hand,Take off the boots directly,Take out the general outline of Yi Jianshu inside,Look closely,Combine the parts you just got to watch,It turns out that many things I don’t understand are contextual integration,suddenly see the light。
He even kicked Liu Gou’s head and cursed:“I’ll be kind for a while,I almost fell on you!”
942 Tier 3 Fierce Beast
Chen Xiu got the complete secret of Yi Jianshu,Took a look,I just think the secrets are all-encompassing,Broad and profound,The more you watch, the more obsessed。
Suddenly a roar of wild beasts was heard in the forest in the distance,Wake him up all at once。
“This is the cry of the second-order white ape?”
“Doesn’t sound like。”
Chen Xiu’s doubts,I can’t stop curiosity,Forget Gu Rimou’s advice to leave Shennongjia quickly,Thought to myself:“Since Liu Fengxing sent someone to follow me,Not to be indecent!Why should I respond to him?,Even if I can’t get him,Also to disgust him!”
When it is a long journey back to Chiba Taniguchi,When the white monkey ran away, he rushed all the way,The trees knocked down by it are countless,Best to recognize。
Chasing and killing the white apes along the way to the traces,Ran tens of kilometers all the way,The sound of fighting and the roar of the beasts in front became clearer。
Chen Xiu walked into a valley along the sound,When you see the lights ahead,He slowed down,Approach slowly,I was surprised when I opened the bushes,The first thing that catches the eye is the white ape lying dying on the ground,And in front of him is a larger black ape,Standing on both feet is twelve or three meters high,Fight against mammoths,The limbs of this big guy are as thick as cylinders,The huge body looks very heavy,A solid muscle looks much stronger than King Kong in the movie。
On the black ape, there are several scars with deep bones that are leaking blood,Looks terrifying。
The cultivators who besieged them suffered even more deaths and injuries,There are more than 20 dead bodies lying on the ground,And the people who survived are not easy,All of them are colored,Even a Seventh-Rank Dzogchen master like Liu Fengxing is bleeding from the corner of his mouth,Obviously the internal organs were injured。