292 Something happened to her family

“I’m looking for you,Lan Lan called Yoo Cencheng to play together。”Zhao Luo says。
“Good thing。”Fang Na smiled happily,“Today is really double happiness。”
“Have you read today’s newspaper,The boss of a big company committed suicide。”Zhao Luo said again。
“Did not notice。”Fang Na pretended not to know,“I rarely read newspapers。”
“I think,learn a lesson,Our company should not expand too fast,Blowing too hard。”Zhao Luo feels it。
“Do not worry,You won’t have that day,I know,You will not commit suicide,You don’t even have the courage to commit suicide,You don’t have time to commit suicide。”Fang Na smiled。
“Fang Na,I told you well,Is to remind you。”Zhao Luo listened to Fang Na’s words,Just a little angry。
“You have to prepare,Signed the 50 million contract,Best tomorrow,To have a press conference。”Fang Na arranged。
“That company,I have gone to investigate in private,Is a real company,We signed the contract,Once they are out of stock,Only liquidated damages,Can make you bankrupt。”Zhao Luo is smarter now,This order is too big,He secretly inquired some information。
“I know,You talk too much,Let you sign a contract,Naturally in stock,You make an appointment with them,Set the time。”Fang Na didn’t give him a good face,Just urge the work progress faster。
Zhao Luo is still worried,Hesitating to leave the company,I feel heavy in my chest,The boss of such a big group company can commit suicide,Not to mention him,Will I be like that boss in the future?,On such a road of no return?
Was the 50 million contract signed casually??Zhao Luo muttered in his heart,The key is that Fang Na also gave way to the press conference,Then the whole world will know that it is Zhao Luo’s name on the contract。
If something really happened,No goods to the other party,How to do?