So the Chu Deiren was only surprised to look at the ancient man.——Duan uncle and 姨 in an adventure,You are actually called Qin Auntie、Li Ayi’s daughter,Go with me“visit”he?

You are the good guard of the Zhennan King,At first glance, it is possible to promote the salary.!
“Or still……”Gu Yicheng for a long time,I didn’t think about anything to persuade everyone to see the reason.。
“That kind,I will go back to Wang Ye to tell.,County master and Chu Chuzi……”
“Not necessarily,go!Let’s see him.!”Mu Yuqing directly toned,Even the chance to report,Don’t want to give ancient man。
The Chu Deiren was originally thought about so uncle.,Go back early,However, Mu Yiqu is pulled with Wang Yin,I force you to start immediately,Chu Deirers have only followed。
Gu Yicheng, Zhang Zhang,But can only be old and actually……
Murong Fu listened to Zhang Zhengzhen,Flashing thinking in my eyes——Today, it has been retired,Although Duan Zhengqi has no success、Still is the king of the town,But it is actually the highest ruler of Dali!
From time to time, I still have a look at Wang Yizhen.……
Chu Deirers even suspected,She wants to give the court on the spot……Unfortunately, Wang Yizhen now will not take her.。
When I came to Xiaoshu,It’s late,Still waiting to see Duan Zheng,I have encountered acquaintances first.。
Another road,There is also a horseshoe.,Originally than Chu Deirers,I have to be some,May be heard of the horseshoe behind,The people in front look back,Then I took the horse head。
Although the sky is black at this time,But both sides have a very eye-catching inner master。
“Call……Second brother?”A major Han in front of the front。
“Big brother?So much?”Chu Deirers also saw each other。
The person is not a person,It is the Qiao Feng and Aizhu who have been cultivated to get the fullness of the gods.!
“North Qiaofeng?”Murong Jiu wrinkled slightly,After the next clip,Welcome with the Chu Deirers。
“Big brother,It’s really clever,A Zhu girl has also recovered?”Chu Deirers on the front。
“Jochu,I already……Mascher?”Aizhu is inner strength,Afterwards,This only recognized Murongjiu,Can’t help but surprise。
“Oh?This is Murong Gongzi?Long-term name。”Qiaofeng,Also given this with this.。
“Reicing of Qiao brothers is a long time。”Murong 9 looks very polite,But there is always some yin and yang strange this.,After all, the last two years,Qiaofeng“Big name”Not very good。
Qiao Feng doesn’t know that it has not heard it.,Still,Did not show what,Just look at the Chu Deirers,The face is instead of tangled:“Second brother,Brother dull,I don’t understand some things.……”
“Joe Brother!”A Zhu Li is busy,It seems to still want to stop what。
However, Qiao Feng put his hand to stop A Zhu.,After that, he will be angry with Chu Dee.:“Not,Let’s talk about a brother.。”
Chu Deiren heard,Also, I will take the horse to the horse.,And Murong Jiu is immediately inquiry.,Relationship between A Zhu and Qiaofeng……
On the other side, avoid others,Qiaofeng said to the Chu Deirers:“Second brother,You are the father of the three brothers.、Dali’s town South King?”
“Be right,Big brother seems to know that uncle is here.,Come to visit?”Chu Deirers feel that the Duan Zheng is so waved,Better soon, I have to be alarming the laminate.。
Qiao Feng is already difficult,Continue to say:“actually……I have recently got an intelligence that is not very reliable.,Take the head of the year,May be the prince!”
Chu Deiren heard,Looking at him:“Thirty years ago,Uncle, uncle is teens……And don’t say it is 30 years ago,Even if 20 years ago,His old man name is the eighth day of the day,What is a reputation??He can pull the mountain customs ambush this kind of thing?Cough……certainly,I am not questioning my uncle’s ability and fame.,Just tell the truth。”
“Be right,I also feel that this is too embarrassing,as far as I know,Tan Gong、Tan Po,There is also a master of Zhiguang,And Dali Duan’s relationship is also general,The age is also all right……”Qiao Feng is not a long brain。
“What is this information??”Chu Deirers are actually guess.,So hate,Still in this matter,Provide“Reliable fake intelligence”Man,There seems to be only one!
Qiaofeng,Some embarrassed:“Cough,Mean,I also moved some means before it.,Play with A Zhu,Go to That Kang Min。”
Although there is something,Can be scamless,After all, what is not a long face?
“That is Kang Min and uncle’s uncle.。”Chu Deirers immediately discontinued。