“what?You are the police?”Xi Zhen also didn’t believe it when he was killed。

First0977chapter The truth is revealed
In the silent valley,Several police cars roared in。
Han Juan confessed to the leading policeman,This is the big run。Xi Zhen was shocked just now,So she refused to drive,This car can only be driven by Han Juan。
This kind of ghost place,The car is running on the mountain road,There was an echo。Fortunately, there are not many cars going back and forth,So a not wide mountain road,Swing by you。
“Hey!Han Juan,You are a policeman and you should tell us earlier,I was almost scared to death just now”Xi Zhen, who was relieved, started complaining about Han Juan.。
Han Juan smiled and said:“This is a special task,No one said,You didn’t know it would be safer”
“As soon as we arrived in Melanz,The police came to check the car,I don’t think they really checked the car,But connect with you right?”Xia Jian sitting in the back row,Can’t help but ask。
Han Juan laughed:“President Xia is really smart,Where are the people from the task force coming to join me,And put a gun in the trunk,The gun used tonight is”
“understood,Actually you keep sending information inside and out,Because I am covering for you,Boss Lin and Jiaxin Li haven’t suspected you yet,is this correct?”Xia Jian thinks about what happened,Whispered analysis。
Han Juan took a breath and said:“President Xia’s failure to become a policeman is a loss to our police force,Especially your quick response,I really admire。If you didn’t yell to go to the toilet,This information cannot be sent out for a while。And the person I asked you to pretend to be a poisonous snake,Although Mei Tong recognized you long ago,But you lied to everyone else“
“Hi!Are all forced,Is this Mei Tong also caught?”Xia Jianyi talked about this woman,There is a kind of unspeakable taste。
Han Juan snorted coldly:“She is now an internationally wanted criminal,Because she fraudulently used Xiao Xiao’s passport,The border guard didn’t stop her for a while。Oh!Forgot to tell you,I saw Xiao Xiao’s portrait upstairs today”
“I only found out this morning,Xiao Xiao has been away for more than a year“That’s it for Xia Jian,I closed my eyes。He dare not think,I don’t want to think about it anymore。
The car bumped until dawn,Just arrivedHScity。They immediately checked into the hotel,Thanks to any completion of looking for Xiao Xiao,Xia Jian suddenly looked like a flat ball,Lying in bed without eating or drinking or moving,Slept from morning till night。No one of Xi Zhen and Han Juan dared to disturb him,Let him relax infinitely。