5 important parts of men’s fitness

5 important parts of men’s fitness

Men play a very important role in daily exercise, waist, back, cover and arm.

If you want to maintain the motor function of these parts, it is best to do more targeted exercises to help these parts. The following are some simple soft exercises, which can help improve the support of the arms and back, and replace them on the bed or on the ground.Men want to maintain “strength”. It is best to take a few times a night to do it several times. The number of times depends on each person’s different physique.

  Prone to stretch the weight into the body to the body straight down, straight forward, lift forward slightly, keep moving forward and forward and tilt your feet backwards, each shift for 10 to 15 seconds, then slowRelax slowly.

  The cat’s posture fracture, as the name implies, is like a cat broken; then, it is squeezed forward and forward, the palm touches the ground, and then the upper body is pulled back to the buttocks to touch the foot, the feet are squatted, and the knees are attached.Ground, top the foot, try to stretch the arm, length head and end, stretch for 10 to 15 seconds, then slowly relax, then repeat the whole action.

  The pressure on the palm of the elbow is similar to that of the ordinary palm, and the difference is that the top is attached to the ground.

Vertically support the ground slightly outside the radial head, and then perform a palm-pressing action of bending and straightening.

Pay attention to keeping the waist slightly curved, keep it for 10 seconds each time, then repeat it again, but remember to do it according to your own ability.