As captain,Rose leads the team to start training,All her plans,All lead the charge,Take the lead。Lead by example,Everyone convinced her。

But this way down,A group of guys who haven’t experienced real war,How can you understand the importance of training。
And Cheng Yaowen, who is in a hormonal outbreak,To be able to talk to Qilin,That’s a hard time。It turned out that the conversation just started,Then I was transferred by Qiangwei。
If Qiangwei is not a woman,Cheng Yaowen thought she fell in love with Qilin,Then deliberately separated the two of them。
Super Seminary
Although Xin Zhao has been using his brain to develop various moves recently,Then derive the feasibility based on the theory。
But that’s not to say that Xin Zhao doesn’t pay attention to his hygiene.,As an elite,Xin Zhao still respects his personal habits。
Especially if you don’t know when Rena will arrive。
Except that the clothes can only be washed by the washing machine,Other times,Xin Zhao thinks everything is pretty good。
It’s time to eat when it’s time,Time to rest。
of course,That is, close your eyes and shut down half of the brain’s calculations,Then let the mastermind fall asleep,According to the inferred data,Reasonable calculus。
It turned out that so many days have passed,Xin Zhao feels that his hair is almost pale,And the result is that there is no feasible inference。
Scientific experiments require a strong theoretical foundation,It also needs a little bit of aura。
Xin Zhao today can be said to be crossing the river by feeling the stones,Take one step。For genetic engineering,Xin Zhao looked at the existing information on the earth,Then stopped watching。
Does not match the actual situation。
His current genes are transformed by the German Star Spear,Looks like an earthling,But in fact, it is fundamentally different from the blood of people on earth。
RetestDNAif,Xin Zhao and his parents,It can be said that the similarity is basically zero。