Should China’s Super League pay cuts be different between China and Europe?How reduced to the key

Should China’s Super League pay cuts be “different between China and Europe”?How reduced to the key
Wage cuts may hurt the enthusiasm of players.Sauna, Ye Wang Wu Jiang photo This afternoon, the Chinese Football Association held a professional league preparatory meeting in Shanghai.After the video conference, the official announcement of the Football Association stated that a reasonable salary reduction has become a consensus among all parties.Regarding matters of salary reduction, the Football Association will not issue mandatory measures, but will provide advice to the domestic professional clubs on the implementation of salary reductions in accordance with FIFA ‘s guiding principles.Football Association: Salary reduction reaches consensus >>> Background The trend of international football salary reduction is affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the global professional football leagues have been shut down one after another, and the restart time cannot be determined.In this situation, the “salary reduction storm” followed. FIFA issued a guidance document on the contract, salary, transfer and other issues affected by the epidemic, so that the interests of both the club and the players can beBe protected under reasonable circumstances.In European football, clubs in major leagues have successively announced salary cuts, of which Barcelona’s salary reduction has even reached 70%, and Juventus has also collectively reduced their salary by 1/3.However, due to the different leagues in various countries, the salary reduction methods chosen by the clubs are also different. For example, Dortmund adopts a stepwise salary reduction. The multi-club club in Ligue 1 announced that the players in the team will be temporarily unemployed, including the Spanish.Some La Liga clubs also applied for temporary employment regulations.The players in the current training are working.Sauna, night net Wu Jiang How to reduce the salary of the Chinese Super League has attracted attention. The “salary wave” of international football has become more fierce. The salary reduction of the Chinese Super League has also been put on the agenda.After the Football Association ‘s meeting today, the Chinese Super League will be the first in the China-Japan-Korea League to put a full salary cut on the agenda. Previously, the Korea Football Association announced that all executives will automatically reduce their salaries by 20%, but no clubs are involved; JapanThe J-League is currently only a Sapporo Gonzado player who actively applies to the club for a salary reduction.The Football Association announced in today’s announcement that the three-level professional football clubs of the Chinese Super League, Chinese First League and Chinese Second League unanimously agree that clubs and players should implement a reasonable salary reduction of the uniform standards of the whole team under full consultation.March 1 to 2020 season league start day.It is worth mentioning that today ‘s meeting did not involve player representatives. Players ‘opinions cannot be ignored for matters of salary reduction.It is understood that the details of the “Guidelines on Salary Reduction” will not be announced hastily until fully communicated with all parties.So far, most Chinese Super League clubs have not discussed salary cuts with players.Earlier, Wuhan Zall player Ai Zhibo once posted on social media that the salary reduction should be “different between China and Europe.” That is, most players in European clubs have gone home on vacation, and Chinese players are basically training.A club person also expressed concern in this regard, “Although the start time is undecided, it is now the league preparation period, the teams are all training, the players are in working condition, and at this time the salary reduction will definitely affect the training mood of the players;If the salary is not reduced, there are indeed many club parent companies that have been affected by the epidemic. Therefore, how to reduce and how much to reduce is definitely a proper and reasonable way.”Sauna, Yewang Editor Zhou Xiao Wang Chunqiu Proofreading Li Xiangling