Dedicated casting master (fast comment)

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that qualified teachers should first be moral qualified people, and good teachers should first be a model with morality and morality. The model of the teacher, Wang Hong Xu is worthy of " The Bin of the Yangtze River, he saved two kinds of falling water children with his own life. On weekdays, he is a gardener who loves the child; when he is a danger, he is a warrior who saves life.

No life is a warrior, but noble sentiments, full of blood, let Wang Hongxu goes forward, use life to the students, and also touch the whole society.

"Most people are ordinary, but we still have to make our lives more value.

Wang Hongxu said.

His simple words, a firm action, wrote a good life to our own life, with the Dedication of the Master. One month before sacrifice, Wang Hongxu became an enterprise active molecule.

His actions are sufficient to prove that their thoughts entered the party, and they can highlight the heroes. The choice of life and death is not refunded, and the rescue is the pursuit of Wang Hongxu to the beginning of the initiative.