A handsome young man walked out of the secret technique,He is wearing a pale golden robe,A dark magic sword tied around his waist,But those cold eyes make people look,It’s like experiencing countless human emotions in the world,As if you don’t care about anything。

Many Yuanshen Taoists of Saito don’t know,Saito’s ancestors look like this。
“Rugged fairy,died?!”Saito ancestor frowned slightly,Just now,He received news from Cangxianren。
Cangxianren、The rugged fairy enters the small world of Lei Yuan with the golden light flying boat,But was defeated by the indigenous people in the small world,Unlucky fairy fell。
A monk who returns to the Void Realm,He doesn’t care too much。
Outsiders think,He is a San Xian in the millionth grade,Has lived for 800,000 years,Strength approaching Tianxian。
And become the recognized ancestor of Saito,Over 700,000 years。
800,000 years of life,He has seen more than a hundred celestial beings of the Saito clan。
But it is the earth fairy,To live for eight thousand one hundred years,Which is the ninth time of the catastrophe,Many can’t resist,Desolately died or reincarnated in the underworld。
And one hundred thousand years,It’s another big stage,At least the realm of Dixian Sanxian who reaches the realm of the Dao,I’m more sure to live over 100,000 years,It’s a top Sanxian。
For example, the immortal Ku is from the Saito clan now‘Five ancestors’,But for 800,000 years,Saito is more than a fifth ancestor。
What really made him headache,Those natives in Leiyuan’s small world actually possess the ability to return to the Void Earth Immortal and the Golden Light Flying Boat。