It just so happens that there is a Sanda Pavilion near the hotel,And Wang Hong is going to cultivate iron cloth shirts recently,Need someone to help him hit the body。

Coach who has practiced Sanda for a long time,More accurate than ordinary people’s shots,Strength control should also be relatively reliable,It is the best companion in the early days of iron cloth shirts。
“No way,No way,In case you hurt,I have to go in for prison food!”
The owner of Sanda Pavilion listened to Wang Hong’s request,Refused without hesitation,Almost drove him out as a lunatic。
Wang Hong first took out a wad of banknotes from the bag,Throw it in front of the owner。
And then took out a knife,Stabbed to the back of my hand instantly,The owner of the museum stood up quickly to stop him。
But wait for the master Xu to rush over,But found that Wang Hong had a white spot on his back,He didn’t even pierce the skin,Suddenly said in surprise:
“You won’t do magic?”
Wang Hong handed the knife in his hand to Master Xu,Said with a smile:
“You’ll know if you try。”
It’s not easy to convince the other party,Wang Hong simply relied on“defense”skill,Prove that I do have“effort”On the body。
Anyway, there are many legends of such hard work,The difference is only the actual effect,Even if Wang Hong is exaggerating,Won’t cause too much speculation。
Master Xu took the knife,Looked at him suspiciously,Lips move,But in the end nothing said。
I saw him take a deep breath,Then he raised the knife,Stabbed to the back of Wang Hong’s hand。