[Hot sex is uncomfortable?

Expert: Pay attention to these points!

[Hot sex is uncomfortable?
Expert: Pay attention to these points!

Midsummer ahead of time, have you noticed that your sex with your lover is decreasing while the temperature of the spin is increasing?

Do not turn on the air conditioner too low.

The study found that the most suitable temperature for sex is 26 ° C.

In summer, many people like to turn on the air conditioner to keep the room cool. They think that this can reduce the discomfort caused by sweating and avoid “slimy” physical contact affecting sexual desire.

In fact, too low room temperature will affect skin sensitivity, will reduce blood circulation speed, make the nerves tense, difficult to erect and achieve orgasm.

Therefore, you may wish to take a shower after sweating, but do not turn the air conditioner too low, generally 26 ℃?
28 ° C is suitable.

Rehydration is important in a timely manner.

Sex is a small sport, especially when the temperature rises, the fluid loss will be faster. Some people who are weak may have whitish complexion and flusteredness due to lack of water after sex.

Therefore, remember to put a large glass of water on the bedside and add some after sex.

Brine and sports drinks are also good choices.