“Everybody,The name of life and death,You write by yourself。

“Nan Lingsha is waiting outside the door for someone who can survive from my picture book。”
The moment Nan Lingsha said these words,The soft and elegant temperament is instantly cold,Blood red rose clothes,It sets off her icy muscle and bone temperament extremely beautiful and moving……
But why,People see from behind,Is like the shadow of the judge,Chilling!
Ink paper trembling。
I don’t know when the ink character turned into a noose。
This noose is wrapped around the fingertips of everyone on the iron hall,It’s more like a snake crawling towards their hearts!!
Life and Death Picture Book。
(On the shelf,On the shelf,The next chapter is on the shelves,Five years,I forgot to have a chapter at twelve before the shelves,No time to write a testimonial,I am trying to write the next chapter,May come out later。This book,I write every chapter very slowly,I like the slowness of this book,But when the waves are rough,And it will definitely make everyone happy。)
(Hope everyone supports me,Make a first order。)