“Does Hou Yi plan??”Li Ming heard the name,Shocked。

Hou Yi,The most outstanding archer in ancient mythology。
Legend of Emperor Yao,Ten days out,Withered field,And countless evil beasts do evil。
Hou Yi was ordered by the emperor,Punish your teeth in the field of Chouhua,Kill nine infants(Nine-Headed Human Face Snake)Above the fierce water,Pay gale(Strange bird)Yu Qingqiu Zhize,Broken snake(Ba Snake)Yu Dongting,Capture(Big boar)Yu Sanglin。
Suppress the evil beasts of the world with one person,Kuang Fu Li people。
Today,due toRRThe role of viruses,Countless monsters appear on the earth。
And for the warriors of their generation,Fight with monsters,Kill the monster,Leave a safe world for future generations,It’s their responsibility。
Professor Qiu doesn’t know what Li Ming is thinking,Continue to introduce:“This Houyi plan,Is a gathering of all the powerful warriors of our military,It also includes a lot of folk masters。correct,Several of your old friends are also members of Project Houyi。”
“And the Houyi plan is more than just letting a powerful warrior die,We also have many excellent researchers,On the one hand, to solve the mystery of the evolution of the martial artists,There are spiritual teachers like you,The source of mental power。On the other hand, I will apply these scientific research results to you,Make you stronger。Simultaneously,There are also experts in materials science,Researching new materials,Make weapons suitable for warriors。”
“Besides,the most important is,We can use‘Ancient civilization remains’Something in,Maybe it can greatly improve your strength!”
Professor Qiu has a sincere tone,Looking at Li Ming with hope。
It’s not that he is ignorant,But he knows,Li Ming’s ability to kill monsters—-Is far more than the warriors of the same level。