Seeing Andy’s reluctant and serious expression,Smiled:“Rest assured hammer,I will take care of your little Wright。”Let’s talk about it and rubbed Wright’s head with a big hand。

The sun goes down,Wright got in the car,Looking at the smaller and smaller fortress,Thinking of relatives there,Wright, who has matured since he was a child, also has a trace of melancholy in his heart。Soldiers。
Chapter Twelve Journey
Wright left Fallen Dragon Castle under the arrangement of his parents,He was escorted by the team his father had been with,Boulder Mercenary Group。
Said it was a mercenary group,In fact, the entire team did not exceed the peak period20people,And now only6people。This small scale is generally called a mercenary team,But the opposite of being scarce,The team members are all elites:
Captain Dwayne Johnson,A seventh-level fighter who is good at heavy guns;
Guda, a woman who is more man than a man;
A scout with a little dark magic,Leonard;
Archer of level five fighter,Beautiful Big Sister Gabriella;
And taciturn,To be precise, he played the role of the coachman without saying a word,Billette’s father Andy stayed in the boulder mercenary group early‘Jack the Silent’。
The reason for hiring this mercenary group,One is naturally because father Andy was there,Even the friendship between them is extremely deep,Let the giant stone send Wright to the imperial capital more at ease。The second is that Viscount Cap also very much hopes to continue Andy’s relationship to recruit the boulder mercenary group,Although there are few people,But the high-end force of the boulder mercenary group is comparable to half of the dragon fall castle,And on connections,Some old members of the mercenary group now serve as middle-level officers in the army.,If you can recruit subordinates,I’m afraid you can get the earl title after running it,Back to the ranks of the great nobles!
The Boulder Mercenary Group doesn’t care about this,They are willing to recruit individual members,Protect the nobles after all,Safer than being a mercenary,Can recruit the entire boulder mercenary group?An Empire Viscount,The little lord of the country is not yet qualified。By contrast,Wright’s talent,And the identity of the adopted son of the old man Andy makes them more important。Took good care of Wright along the way。
The Fallen Dragon Fort is in the northernmost province of the Puang Empire,The big city further north is Blue Fort,The imperial capital of the Puang Empire is in the Central Bank Province in the south-central part of the entire empire.,The boulder mercenary group set off with Wright,Go southwest to be famous for its red soil,Rather barren red soil province,Go all the way south,Passing through the province of Brora,Geza Province finally reached Central Bank Province。
“The red earth province is named after red earth,Because the soil is grayish red,The grey-red soil is rather barren,Little food,But poor land does not mean poverty in the red earth province,More than half of the iron and steel minerals in the entire empire in the laterite provinces,There are three magic crystal mines,And the largest quarry in the empire。”Leonard is a thin middle-aged man,The weapon is a pair of sharp daggers,I know some dark magic,But the most impressive thing is a mouth that can never be closed,But Wright doesn’t hate it,On the contrary, he hopes to hear more knowledge and information from this uncle,Satisfy one’s curiosity。
Seeing Wright’s curious expression。Leonard is also very happy,Although he likes to talk and brag in the mercenary group,But he is not very knowledgeable compared to others,Everyone knows what I said,No one likes to listen to him over time,But this little Wright is a very good listener。