“report,Location of suspect found,Under Shipo Mountain on the northeast side of Funouping,At this moment, he is continuing to flee northeast。”A loud voice from a field worker made Guo Yuxi recover from his anger,He quickly cleared up his emotions,Even the facial expressions are obviously relaxed。

“Make it clear when?How far is the suspect from us in a straight line?”
“Synchronous positioning five minutes ago,It’s less than two kilometers straight from us。”
“Five minutes ago?”What efficiency is this?Guo Yuxi is obviously unhappy,But when I think of the chaotic look just now,Not easy to attack,So I tried to suppress Huo Qi Dao,“Thank you。”
Field departure,Guo Yuxi quickly grabbed the walkie-talkie,“Attention to all participating units,Location of suspect found,Under Shipo Mountain on the northeast side of Funouping,Running along the northeast,There are hills and hills about three kilometers ahead,Then there is Lingxiao Mountain, the main peak in the southwest of Jinggangshan Road,All units are required to complete the second blockade of this area within 15 minutes。”
“Please second、three、Fives、The Nine Action Team quickly interspersed,Be sure to reach the southwest side of Lingxiao Mountain within 15 minutes,Cut off the suspect’s path。In addition to mobile power,Other groups、All units move inward with the northeast of Shipo Mountain as the central axis,Quickly squeeze the suspect’s room for maneuvering。”
Finish order,Guo Yuxi did not relax much,With Li Tianzhen’s ability,There will be many variables after a full five-minute delay,Such as changing the direction of escape,Or hide in place etc.,In the mountains at night,Dense jungle,Everything becomes very difficult,Anything can happen,So he left the mobile power,Including the direct task force with only six people。
of course,There are at least two lines of defense,All armed police soldiers with guns and live ammunition,Although it may not be able to trap Li Tianzhi,But there are highly qualified snipers and special technical fieldwork mixed in it,Will cause him unimaginable pressure。
Xiao Yadong is in charge of commanding the interdiction operation team,So Guo Yuxi’s instructions were given and he left quickly,Although he is angry,,But be principled、Understand the big things,No matter what quarrel with Guo Yuxi is like,The order will be executed without compromise。
The farmhouse in the middle of Funouping Village became a temporary headquarters,Watching people from the supernatural group play with walking corpses,Luo Changhua’s heart is very uncomfortable,Just say hello to Guo Yuxi and join the action。
Guo Yu is happy to be clean around,Busy opening the electronic map to carefully study the terrain around the funneling,The figure of Li Tianzhen appeared in his mind again,Seemingly unpretentious young man,How can you be so cruel,So evil?
He worked in the field for nearly 20 years,Read countless people,What kind of villains and fanatics have seen,But after a brief contact with Li Tianzhen,Didn’t notice a trace of evil from the other party,Is Lao Xiao’s persistence right??But why does Liu Qiang always avoid evaluation?
If someone else is responsible for the Funouping case,That is undoubtedly another key figure at large, Zhang Zhiqiang,It is said that this person has been deeply infected by mutant creatures,Or it’s the initiator of mutant creatures,Have been in Shanghai continuously、Major crime committed in northern Guangdong,According to this feature,Zhang Zhiqiang is more suspicious,But at this time it was lost,Could it be the anonymous reporter??It seems that the possibility of throwing blame on the pot cannot be ruled out?
Why is Chief Xiao taboo against these two suspects??Especially Zhang Zhiqiang,Almost issued a kill order,If there are conditions for alive capture, kill regardless of circumstances,This has touched some bottom lines,Guo Yuxi suddenly felt uneasy about Xiao Chu’s order,He repeatedly pondered the background information of the two suspects in his mind,But the poor data he can see has almost no coherent logic,I can’t figure out a general clue after thinking for a long time,Can’t help but have a headache。
But one thing,Guo Yuxi will not be blinded by appearance,At least not all members can let Zhang Zhiqiang go in order to surround Li Tianzhi,He has already planned for this,There are already capable forces that are 50 kilometers ahead to contain this person,But still don’t worry,Call the rear command immediately,Request helicopter and drone cooperation,Find Zhang Zhiqiang’s whereabouts as soon as possible。
Just put down the phone,Guo Yuxi noticed the strangeness behind,Suddenly turned around,Suddenly stunned,A figure stood quietly behind him,The facial contour is exactly Li Tianzhi!