It’s just that this rough appearance makes it difficult for people to feel cute。

Leo doesn’t care at all,Smile and wave:“brother,Don’t forget you still have a brother!”
“I will not forget,You are my good brother!”
The distance between the two is drifting away,I can only look at each other。
“Humph,Your brother is too stingy,Don’t even give me 100,000!”MissBa Jin dissatisfied。
But a smile quickly appeared on her face,Because she won 500 million Baileys without doing anything。
Oh,Do not,It’s 499.9 million Bailey。
100,000 Baileys,Was trapped by the petty boy Leo。
“son,Rowing hard in this direction,time is a little tight!”MissBa Jin ordered。
“Ok,mom!”Weibull is very experienced,Then start rowing hard。
Ba Jin smiled and lay on the boat,Just look at the compass occasionally,Confirm that there is no problem with the direction you are sailing。
The mother and son have set off,And Leo, who was standing on the shore, kept smiling,like a statue。
“Boss,What is your idea?”