The handsome man who is nine points similar to A Jianglong raised his head,Asked with a puzzled look:“Why can’t I hide it?I just need to mimic,Will become a tree,How did you find me?”

“You can’t hide your breath!And this piece is all loess,Just a broken tree like you,Isn’t it strange?”Lu Menglin laughed loudly。
“Ok!I lost this time,We will play again next time!Are you leaving?”A trace of reluctance appeared on the face of this handsome man,Muttered。
“Ok,There are some things to deal with outside。I’ll come back to find you later。”Lu Menglin smiled。
“Not as good as,Let me go out with you?”The man blinked twice suddenly,Said wistfully。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Seven curiosity
Lu Menglin heard these words,I can’t help but chuckle,I thought it finally wanted to go out。
The handsome man in front of you,In fact, it is the divine body soaked in the nutrition cabin,And the one who rules this god body,It’s the consciousness of onboard intelligence in that alien spacecraft。
I don’t know when this guy will be able to drive the body,Maybe it can start,It’s just that the energy of the god body is insufficient,So it’s always in the charging stage。
After Lu Menglin entered the alien spacecraft,Activated intermediate management permissions,It also seems to have expanded the capabilities of shipboard intelligence,So it can drive the divine body to move。
It’s just that Lu Menglin hasn’t figured it out yet,Should I take this guy to the outside world?,Once it touches the Internet of the human world,Let it absorb the vast knowledge of the human world,Don’t know what unknown changes will happen。
“The reason you want to go out is?”Lu Menglin couldn’t help asking。
“Learn,Of course it’s specific learning,The more information you get,I will evolve。”The shipboard intelligence did not hide its true thoughts。
“When you complete evolution?”Lu Menglin continued to ask。
“Complete evolution?Do not,impossible!The path of evolution is endless。My underlying logic is continuous evolution,Till perish。If I feel that I can no longer receive new information here,I will find a way to leave this planet,Restart a new journey。”Shipborne intelligence is plausible。
“Strictly speaking,For your planet,I’m just a close observer,Organic life for me,Just a gamified experience。In addition to protecting management rights holders,I won’t interfere with anything else。”
“I am considering,Should i believe you?”Lu Menglin also asked directly。
“It’s ok,If you don’t want,I will stay here。After you die naturally,Wait until the next owner of administrative rights appears,Then I will ask。”
Lu Menglin listened to these words,Suddenly speechless,Wryly smiled:“Give me a more specific reason。”