“I think Qiao Tianyu will not easily sign the gold transfer agreement,How about I bring some killers over,If he is not obedient,Let’s give him some torture or something,I don’t believe he can hold it!”

“Come on,You better save!Qiao Tianyu eats soft but not hard,If you want him to obey,Can only follow!”Lily rejected Sato Junji’s suggestion。
“okay,Today you just follow,I’ll come to the Lord and say,You do what you want,But it must not be foolish,Otherwise be careful he kills you!”
“Oh。”Heard Lily say so,Sato Junji answered,But I was very unconvinced。
“Now Qiao Tianyu is almost becoming a sick cat dying,He wants to kill me?I killed him every minute,good or not?”
Seeing Sato Junji’s unconvinced face,Lily suddenly felt uneasy,“Sato,You tell me,Did you hide what I did to Qiao Tianyu??”
Lily knows that Junji Sato is not a master of playing cards,I’m worried that he will make a fool of himself,Completely disrupted my own rhythm。
“No.No,How could I hide from you?”Sato Junji said quickly。
“Don’t lie to me, kid?”Lily will be suspicious,Still a little worried。
“Qiao Tianyu is a person who has revenge,If you did something to him before,You must tell me quickly,Otherwise it will be too late to see him in a while!”
“Damn,Boss,What I said is real,I didn’t hide it from you!”Sato Junji put on an innocent look。
“I hope you didn’t lie to me。”Lily saw that Sato Junji refused to say,I can only give up,But she always feels unsure in her heart,I vaguely think that Junji Sato must be hiding something from him。
Lily and Sato Junji came to the room of Qiao Tianyu who was under house arrest at the Japanese headquarters of the Arrow Sakura organization。
But when I came to Qiao Tianyu’s room,Lily didn’t push the door directly,But stood in front of the door and took a few deep breaths,Beat myself up for a long time。