“Ok,Village entrance”Ma Yan finished,Turn around and run。Don’t look at Ma Yan’s age,But the ability to do things really suits Xia Jian’s appetite。That’s why he strongly recommended Ma Yan to be the head of Xiping Village。

First1966chapter Hazard moment
The news came too suddenly,So that Xia Jian couldn’t believe this was true。He came to the entrance of the village in a daze,When you just opened the door,Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu ran to his car back and forth。
“Can go to forty people,If there is more, it will stop here completely,Besides, there are not so many cars”Chen Erniu is straight to the point。
His voice just fell,Xia Jian saw the vegetable delivery car,Full of people in a car。May be too stuffy,The back door of the carriage is wide open。
“Then get in the car,About forty people,I don’t know what the situation is.”Xia Jian said,Got into the car。He took a seat,I realized that my butt was still wet。This confuses him,It turns out it’s still raining in the sky。
Xia Jian starts the car,Ran to Donglin Township quickly。Stagnant water on the road,Rushed by the jeep,It’s more than two or three meters high。
Chen Erniu sitting in the co-pilot reminded Xia Jian in a low voice:“Don’t worry,Landslide,What should have happened,Even if we fly over now,Does not help。Still be careful,We mustn’t do anything else”
A word from Chen Erniu,Reminded Xia Jian。He really shouldn’t do this,Because driving so fast on rainy days,It will be very dangerous。Besides, I have to climb a mountain to Donglin Township,The road is not very good。
Settle down,Xia Jian slowed down,Follow the pickup truck ahead,Drove towards Donglin Township unhurriedly。
Mountain weather and outside,There are simply two worlds。As soon as the car entered the street of Donglin Township,Xia Jian felt that the rain was much heavier than in Pingyang Town。
The wiper kept blowing back and forth,But the rain is too heavy,There is water on the car windows。Xia Jian opened his eyes as hard as possible,The throttle under my feet boomed and boomed,I feel that the car is a little difficult to walk。
Usually more than 20 minutes by car,But when Xia Jian drove to the foot of Dongwangzhuang,,It took more than an hour。
What surprised Xia Jian most was the scene in front of him。I saw half of Jizuishan slipped down,With the top of this hill in Dongwangzhuang。Completely blocked the Jizui River,Formed a big barrier lake。