“how,Do not believe?,Do you want to gamble??”

“Stop dreaming,Xiaolan sister’s feelings about the new brother,Not your guy who is lie to the woman can destroy。”Conan anger,抡抡 王 八朝 朝 Liao Wenjie waved。
“Conan,You misunderstand me,I have not intended to talk about emotions.。”
Liao Wenjie raises his hand to stay in Corinant’s head,Ren a small short hand in half air,Export:“Everyone is an adult.,Talk shameless,Feelings are feelings,Going to bed is bed bed,This is two yards。I just said that Mother’s Day,Never say that she has destroyed her beautiful first love,She can continue to love you,I don’t mind。”
“impossible,Xiaolan sister and new brother grow up from small,Deep feelings,Never be tempted by you。”Conan bite teeth,Continue to output Wang Ba,Trying to use the boxing wind to knock down Liao Wenjie。
“Qingmei bamboo horse is inhabilitation,Ancient times,Grow up from small,I will definitely be greasy every day.。Just, you are now smaller,Her feelings have a vacancy,I am inserting into the cold and warming.,What reasons will fail??”
Another punch hammer,Liao Wenjie pushes Conan to the wall,Get upright and vertical collar:“Speaking of which,I am a little bit.,Since you are not a new Koi,Then there is no reason to stop me from going to Xiaolan。Children don’t mess with,You just have to stand outside the door,I can bless her silently.。”
No two steps,Clothing envelope is caught,Liao Wenjie slow down:“what happened,Connone is a blessing now??”
“what,I admit,I am a new one.,Yes.!”
Connone has no expression,Not he doesn’t believe in Xiaolan,But for cautious consideration,Avoid unnecessary risks。
Besides,‘If you don’t recognize,I went to sleep your horse.’Wonderful threat,He is so big,Still first heard。
Can make this kind of speech,Not guy with a knife,Maybe it’s very worrying,But there should be no malicious to him.……Bar!
“I can’t finish it early.,Do you want me to pretend that the color ghost,People who are not close to women have collapsed。”Liao Wenjie shook his head,He is very familiar with the reputation.。
Do not,You just expose true face!
“Since I admit my identity,Then you have also said your identity.,Who are you,Why know my things??”Connone asked,Tour yourself serious,Nai Wei Shi line from bottom to look up,There is no sense of oppression。
“There are too many people here.,Let us go。”
Liao Wenjie raises his hand to grab the collar of Conan,I will take him on the three-story roof.,That is, there is often a balcony that is inserted.。
“Can you now?,Say your purpose,What is the benefits of being removed from me??”
“Nothing benefits,I will ask a question.,If you don’t recognize,I can’t do it too.。”
Liao Wenjie two hands:“After all, I just talk about it.,It’s impossible to pursue Xiaolan,Am I right?”
Looking at the face of the face,Conan is straight to the teeth,Do you have no football around?,I must have a feet.。
“What is the purpose of doing something?,You a high school student suddenly became a seven-year-old little ghost,What is it??Although the size of the other is wrong,Can have this successful case,I still can’t help but come.。”
Liao Wenjie is a look of interest:“to be honest,If I am really,Can pretend that you don’t know your true identity。”
“What is you??”
“Is whether the truth,I will wish to believe it.。”
Liao Wenjie raised his hand and touched:“If I have not guess wrong,You will definitely pick this little ghost body,Selling all things, I have made a lot of shame.。”
Conan snort,It’s nothing to plant irritability.。