Eventually led by the Nuwa Empress,The power of three races and two religions gather,Talk and discuss。

Human race is big,Three powerful leaders。
Yao Race,Lost the Phoenix Asylum,Strength retreat。
And the line of gods and demons,The gods and demons who really fight for hegemony are only Zhu Rong,Gonggong nearly ruined Zhoushan,Was jointly suppressed by strong men such as Nuwa,Even if he was released to deal with Luo Hu,Not dare to step in。
Finally set,Human race is the head of all races。
The demons and the gods and demons divide the territory,Be at ease in the agreed place。
of course,To appease the monster,The new member of the human line, Huang Xia Yu, married Ehuang Nvying, a line of the demon clan Qingqiu nine-tailed fox。
As for the gods and demons,Zhu Rong, who is the most contender for hegemony, almost extinguished his thoughts on hegemony。
Empress Nuwa is kind,Can’t show your face to others。
Can be used as Zhu Rong who was born as an ancestor,Empress Nuwa says she won’t give it to face。
He dare‘Destroy the peaceful and stable development of the chaotic world of Pangu’,Empress Nuwa would kill him on the spot。
Since then,Human race becomes the master of this pangu chaotic world,The pattern of Pangu world has thus stabilized。
The Xia Yu family is a human royal family,Naturally, it is also the ancient royal family of the ancient Pangu world。
of course,Although set the tone of not fighting for hegemony,But the contradiction is still,Just change from light to dark。
The two veins of Taoism and Buddhism fight openly and secretly,Less life and death,But there are more competitions。
The method of refining air currents is not as dangerous as the fighting between gods and demons,And it’s easy to get started,Over time,Gradually gain the upper hand。
There are more practitioners,Masters of gods and demons are relatively rare。
The Battle of Pangu Chaos World,The mainstream style also fought violently from close,Turned into a far-reaching battle with magic weapons。
Fight for life and death,Can learn from each other,A lot of lives are left,Fight less,There are more powerhouses born。
The development of the entire Pangu world is gradually prospering。