“I am a problem with my goggles.,How is it all water mist?!Wow,I can’t see the road.。”

One person in the three white figures suddenly stopped,Pointing at your goggles some complaints。
And this is what is Yu Shiya。
Two people around her are Luo Bing and Zhou Ye.。
“sky,my little princess,Don’t delay here again.,Directors are waiting for,You should not be able to move your eye.。”
Zhou Ye listens to two women talking,A gas feeling in the chest feels more pliable.,He wants to be qi embolism。
This is the fate of his Zhou Jiwu。
Take a short while,Zhou Ye has two newcomers to doctors office.。
“Can be calculated。”Sun Jun started to warmly welcome the mode from them.。
“Yo,Where is the little girl is really aqueous。”
“This is also a little girl.,So lovely!”
“Everyone has protective clothing,Where did you see them look good??”
“The big eyes of this water,Absolutely a beautiful embryo。”
Zhou Ye I listen to Sun Jun and Hu Yan’s dialogue,Hey,Feel helpless。
He inadvertently looked at the horse big wave of the side.,Suddenly feel a terrible murderous!
Goggles and protective clothing can cover the owner,But can’t cover your eyes.。
The so-called eyes are the windows in your heart,Zhou Yewu saw the enemy’s enemy to the window from Ma Baibo.!
“I am sin.?Still he bucket?”
Zhou Niwu is a bit。
NS253chapter Ward
Doctor seating area gate。
Yu Shijac is a pair of eyes that are full of learning to look at Zhou Ye。
Zhou Ye is endless,Thinking or explaining one speech。
But it is necessary to speed up.,At this time, the WeChat group is also the news that Sun Jun’s urgent Zhouwugu.!
Sun Jun:“100,000 miles,Xiao, you are coming back.!Director of Chen said,No you,He doesn’t look at the patient.!”
Zhou Ye saw that Sun Jun was almost laughed out.。
Is there such a happy man??
He feels that Sun Jun enlarged.!
In fact, Chen Riyuan、Sun Jun、There is also the new graduate Ma Baibo, which is still in the doctor’s office.,Wait for him
“Calcium channel blockers are the preferred drugs of variant angina,βReceptor blockers increase insulin resistance,It is also possible to cover and extend hypoglycemia,This medicine is not white and white with diabetes??Therefore, it cannot be combined as a hypertension.2Type diabetes preferred。”
In fact, think about it.,Insulin resistance,The hypoglycemic drug is not a water drifting?