“Yifan,It’s useless,Your cultivation base is too low,it can not be helped,The only way now is to find someone。”

Gan Yifan is worried and at a loss,Find someone?Who are you looking for?Who can come here?
The monster’s voice continues to ring in my head,“Under the abyss,Four Taoists,There are Ning and Li。You go down here,Down to the bottom, you will see a similar tripod,You go in from Dingkou,Will reach the abyss。See them,Bring them all。”
Gan Yifan is about to dive right away,The monster’s voice sounded again,“Can’t you go down,Calm down,I can hold it for three or four days,Nothing will happen。You have to go back now,Find a set of diving equipment,So you have enough oxygen to find the tripod underneath。”
Time goes by,Xu Wan looked at his watch after a while,Take another look after a while,But waited for more than 20 minutes,I didn’t see Gan Yifan back,She panicked。
I want to go into the water but dare not,Her water is better than ordinary people,But it’s just comparing with ordinary people,It’s not enough to look at in such an environment。
She can only look at her watch again and again in vain,No way to think。
that’s it,It’s half an hour,Xu Wan thought that when Gan Yifan couldn’t come back,Sudden waves on the water,Gan Yifan is back。
The girl who is strong and independent,In this mood,Will become fragile。The moment when Xu Wan saw Gan Yifan emerge,Tears can’t help but fall,Talking“Why did you go,I thought you couldn’t come back”In this case,Hold Gan Yifan tightly。
How can Gan Yifan care about her at this moment?,Panicked,Just push her away,I can’t even take the backpack,Run down,While talking:“Sisi sister,You stay here,I have a hundred thousand urgent things to do。Don’t leave here,wait me back。”
When the words are finished,Gan Yifan has already dashed away,Wait until Xu Wan chases out the stone house,Only at the top of the treetops can I see the back of Gan Yifan hurriedly leaving。
Gan Yifan returned to the grotto for a while,Almost rushed out,Haoxuan was not washed into the deep pool by the rapids。
The monster can only last for three or four days,Can you not be eager?