“it is good,I will notify you in advance of the opening time。”Zhang Siwei signed the contract,Paid,Went home directly。

289 suicide
“Come back so early today。”Wu Lusheng asked。
“Let me invite a few people to the security company,Don’t bother to return to the company,Came home directly。”
“Having a bodyguard is not enough?You are a big shot,Walking on the street like this is too eye-catching。”
“I’m fine here,It’s Zhao Gang’s company,And Zhao Gang’s part of the industry,I’m afraid that someone will make trouble,I have to prepare in advance。”Zhang Siwei leaned on the sofa,A little tired。
“Is this Zhao Gang overly nervous?,Maybe nothing big。”Wu Lusheng also felt the tension。
“He will leave the provincial capital tomorrow,Go outside to take shelter。”
“is it?”Wu Lusheng listened,Uneasy。
“Uncle Zhao said it was serious,And it’s far more serious than we thought,Uncle Zhao has been guarded by someone,Can’t go anywhere,Official news may come out in a few days,and so,I hired fifty security guards,just in case。”
“Zhang Siwei,You are too exaggerated。”Wu Lusheng still thinks her daughter’s actions are more exaggerated,Fifty people,It’s scary to stand at the door。