“You see why there are so many people,Let’s see now,It seems to be grilled squid。”

indeed,The line there is very long,Looks very popular。
Xiao Fan said to him:“That line is so long,Are you unwilling to wait!I’ll wait in line,Find a place to sit first。”
Lin Yuna said:“No need to,Let’s go together!”
So Lin Yuner followed Xiao Fan to the front of the grilled squid stall,Long line。
No wonder there are so many people here,So popular。The quality of this squid is very good at first glance,A very large。
The price,Although a bit expensive,But it is acceptable to people。Come out to play,Always eat and drink well,Have a good time。
People don’t recommend the price。There are too many people in the line
It’s time for Lin Yuna and Xiao Fan,Lin Yoona’s interest has disappeared halfway,I even feel like I don’t want to eat。
Lin Yuner said to Xiao Fan:“How about we two go,This team has been waiting too long。”
Xiao Fan said:“What’s the hurry,Have taken him so long,Didn’t you still want to eat just now?,It’s all right, it will be queued soon。”
“If you feel tired of waiting,Just find a place next to you and sit down,I’m waiting here and I’ll find you。”
Lin Yoona thought for a while and thought it was better,I’ve been shooting for so long anyway
Then Lin Yuner said to Xiao Fan:“Ok,Then we two should wait together,It looks like we are almost in line。”
There are only three or four people left in front of them,Will be sent to them soon,When it finally reaches him,Xiao Fan only needs a squid。
Because she was very full just now in the restaurant。In order not to waste food,He only ordered a squid for Lin Yun。
Lin Yuner asked Xiao Fan in surprise:“Why don’t you give?I need one,Don’t you eat?”
Xiao Fan said:“I was full just now。you eat,If I feel hungry for a while,You come over to eat,Or we can eat one。”