Don’t tell her issued the ultimate trailer, a sentence Grandma I miss you makes people cry

“Don’t tell her” issued the ultimate trailer, a sentence “Grandma I miss you” makes people cry
Is it OK on November 19th?November 22?The nationwide movie “Don’t Tell Her” released today the ultimate trailer and the ultimate poster.The film started a crying “wedding comedy” because of lies in good faith, and the heroine Billy also completed her growth process in the process, learning to say goodbye to her loved ones.The movie “Don’t Tell Her”, which is called “Dark Horse of the Year in North America 2019” by the media, won the “Audience Favorite Film” award at the Sundance Film Festival early in the year, and recently won the Gotham Independent Film, which is known as an important Oscar vane.Nominations for Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Initial Award.In addition, the film also selected the best foreign language film plan for next year’s Golden Globe Awards, and the voices in the Oscar award season are increasing day by day.In the ultimate poster, Grandma and Bili depend on each other, and the phrase “Grandma I miss you” tells the tearful purpose of touching grandparents.The ultimate notice awakened Asuka with a “ha” cut. When grandma became ill and became a family concern, everyone chose to hide her condition in order to let her spend the rest of her life with peace of mind.Grandma, as the mainstay of the family, is doing all the trivial things of labor, and is even more concerned about her granddaughter, Bili.Billy returned to Changchun from New York to visit her grandmother. She was unacceptable from the beginning and then merged into this lie. In getting along with her, she was infected by her optimism and open-mindedness.As the music gradually rose, it was estimated that my grandmother said, “There will always be many difficulties in life, but you must think about it.” This journey of visiting relatives and roots is also a journey of personal growth of Bi Li, who has learned how to love with her.Say goodbye and learn to love family in a respectful way.”Don’t Tell Her” is based on director Wang Ziyi’s real experience, Wang Ziyi broke through his creative thinking, “For me, it is very important to find hope in life and convey hope in the movie. We will eventually lose the people we love., But the answer we have to pursue is how we say goodbye to them.”Okafina, who plays Billy, understands love and family more after making this movie,” There is a bond that does not require language. When you return to the family you love, even your valuation is not complete.Same, but with them, you really feel happy.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan editor Huang Jialing school against Liu Jun