Baoding, Hebei: Perfecting Sports Facilities Together

Sports Park, located in the northeast corner of Fengqi Street and Tengfei Road, is the first sports park in Baoding, since July 1, this year, is free to the public. Although only 13 mu of land area is covered, "the sparrow is small." 310 meters long, 3 meters wide ring plastic runway run through the entire park, open sports venue includes fitness equipment area, table tennis area, shake the bamboo area, kicking the zone, etc., satisfying different sports enthusiasts. 1 five-person football field, 2 standard basketball courts, 2 badminton courts, free useful.

In the Qingyuan District, there is a professional football field that can accommodate 2-30,000 people. In 2019, "Ice Flower Dream Forest Water" Cup Beijing-Tianjin Hebei Football Super League Finals and 2020 Baoding City The second session conference is held here. Encourage social strength to participate, docking the Beijing-Tianjin quality resources, and the dream forest water sports industry park is a minority of the Baoding City to promote the construction of new sports service complex.

In recent years, Baoding City has increased 173 new social football stadiums in Baoding, and the construction of Dengfeng Sports Park, Yanyuan Outdoor Sports Small Town, Xu Shuijie Sports Expansion Base has been built. Many new sports service complexes such as Great Wall, Yixian Great Wall, Suzhou Golf Course. According to statistics, at present, the various sports space facilities in Baoding have reached 13,307, and the per capita sports venue reaches a square meter, and the average level of super-provincial provinces.

Perfect sports space facilities, to hold up countless people’s sports dreams, inserted into the wings of the "Champion City".

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