Bai Ting drank the wine in one go,Throw away.

Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy Four
Fuming just serve soup for others,It’s like I didn’t hear the words to Meiling。
Meiling turned boringly and did it aside,Hold Xiao Meng who is drinking soup in her arms and knead it hard。
“Hey Hey hey,I still drink soup!”
Xiao Meng threw her short legs,Desperately wanting to break free from the embrace of the charm spirit,But it’s just in vain。
“Soup is gone,Everyone,Please go back”
Fuming raises the black pot,The sign is gone。
“Isn’t it,I haven’t tasted it yet!”
“me too”
There was a wailing in the crowd,Waited so long,It’s gone.
Chapter 275
Deep in the sect,Bai Ting is drinking with a middle-aged man,Suddenly felt a strong force。
“There are still people fighting in your sect?”
The middle-aged man’s hand holding a wine glass also gave a slight meal,Look at Baiting。
“Shouldn’t,This time,I should have almost rested”
“Go take a look,Otherwise, it would be bad”