Da Mo Daojun on the side is also very greedy,He doesn’t care about other treasures,But can he not care about this kind of treasure that is good for Hedao,However, he knew that Li Ming’s strength was the main reason for killing Emperor Melobo.,He can’t keep this treasure。Naturally, I will not and dare not fight with Li Ming。

Li Ming waved his hand,Jiuyun drunk god gourd also flew into the palm,Rapid refining。
“Da Mo,I own this treasure,But if you need to use,I will use this treasure for you three times。”
three times,Is already the limit for monks to use this treasure!
Can use this treasure three times,It’s not very different from getting this treasure。
Heard this,Da Mo Daojun was relieved,He even bowed to Li Ming,More quietly:“Ming Taoist Gao Yi,After that, I deduced that magic elephant stone wall,Find the chance,Have a good time。”
“rest assured,We all made our natal vows before,Including the benefits gained this time,Same seven or three points。”Li Mingye,Reassured Da Mo Daojun。
First7chapter Wrath of the Eternal Race
After collecting the many treasures left by Lord Pantheon,Li Ming and Da Mo Daojun are temporarily separated。
Da Mo Daojun’s dharma body flew directly to the nearby Damo Temple,He has 30% of the relics of Lord Pantheon from Li Ming,For him this is also a great wealth。
Among them, the method left by Lord Pantheon,Can greatly deepen the foundation of Damon。
And some other precious treasures can also be used well,As a Taoist who is good at deduction, he thought of many ways to use it in an instant。He even began to consider cultivating a secret technique that is biased towards the god of war。
no way,Although Daojun, who is good at deducing cause and effect, is inherently weak,But it’s also because of his concentration on Tao,There is no great magical secret technique in the body。
Although the status of the Taoist who is good at deduction is equally high,But the power to subdue everything,Da Mo Daojun is also very eager。
Pity before that,He is also very poor,I don’t have much Chaos Essence on my hand。
And those powerful magical secret arts,It takes a lot of resources to practice,After getting the inheritance of King Panjinto,He doesn’t have enough resources。
“Which supernatural power is good for cultivation?—Or try the nine secret techniques of the Pantheon,I’m pretty good at at least five elements!”Da Mo Daojun has some happy troubles。
Compared to Daojun,Li Ming is much busier。
For his deity,Have a natal banner in hand,No need for secrets,But the legacy of Lord Pantheon is still very useful。