Zhao Hong is a smart woman,Fell asleep after making trouble,She knew very well in her heart,This Xia Jian himself is a wild donkey,Want him to stay with a woman for life,I’m afraid it’s a bit difficult。

Xia Jian took off his clothes,I want to squeeze around Zhao Hong,But they were crushed by the horns,Said nothing to let him in,Xia Jian helplessly shook his head,So I took what happened tonight,I told Zhao Hong all,of course,Which section of his thigh is a woman sitting,He still omitted it。
Zhao Hong finished listening,Just turned over,Asked with big eyes blinking:“Which Li Na is pretty??Why are you so good to you?”
Zhao Hong mentions Li Na,Xia Jian seemed to see Li Na’s charming appearance,An unnamed impulse hit my heart,He pounced,He pressed Zhao Hong under her body。
It’s late at night,But in this room,Still spring full of garden。
the next day,Xia Jian riding his Yamaha,Carrying Zhao Hong to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau,Consulted about running a company,It seems that this is not as simple as he thought,It seems this trip is going to be for nothing,Or Zhao Hong is flexible,She asked Xia Jian to call Ouyang Hong,They are public family members,Erlai Pingdu is her home,Maybe there are many acquaintances。
Hey!This phone is still on,Ouyang Hong asked him to send the application materials to He Jing,He Jing will find someone to do this。
Xia Jian took Zhao Hong,When I came to He Jing’s motorcycle sales department,,He Jing is busy assembling motorcycles for others,Don’t think she is a female stream,But get to work,But no less than a man,Soon a new car will be assembled。
He Jing said hello to Xia Jian:“Handsome guy is coming,Get to the house to drink water“
“Can’t do it!You are so busy,Ouyang Hong asked me to give you the information,Said she has already called you”Xia Jian said,Turned around and took the information bag to Zhao Hong。
He Jing’s face changed slightly and asked:“Who is this beauty?”When He Jing asked this,,Weird eyes。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Her name is Zhao Hong,Our village,And the deputy head of Xiping Village,She come with me,Just to get a business license”
Zhao Hong nodded politely to He Jing,I said hello,He Jing smiled slightly,No indication,In this woman’s heart,Sometimes it’s so weird,Xia Jian couldn’t figure it out at all。
“All right,You put the information on the desk in the house,You can take the beauty to play,It’s done in two days,I’ll call you again”He Jing who wanted to enter the house,I suddenly changed my mind for some reason。
Xia Jian smiled,Put the information,Say hello to He Jing,Yamaha,Carrying Zhao Hong,Ran all the way back to Xiping Village crazy。
When entering the village,Zhao Hong tries to sit behind the motorcycle,But it still attracted a lot of discussion from villagers,Xia Jian turned a deaf ear,It’s already like this anyway,Just say what you love!
Just stepped into the office of the village committee,Song Fang who is collating information,Raised his head and laughed:“President Xia!You are back?“
“Isn’t it a waste of words??“Zhao Hong won’t wait for Xia Jian to speak,Then said coldly,Song Fang didn’t speak anymore,But there was a sly smile on his face。
Looking at a group of gratifying data in the vegetable greenhouse,There is a sum of income,Xia Jian is happy from the heart,He immediately said to Zhao Hong:“Greenhouse management,Immediately go to program management,Can’t go on like this,Our cooperative quickly hire a professional accountant,And technicians“