Through the kitchen,Brighten up。Very beautiful small courtyard,Two pomegranate trees have grown。There is a small square table under the tree,There are just two chairs on both sides of the table。There are teapots and cups on the table,Very clean。

Qin Xiaomin took a look,A little surprised:“What a great place!Let’s have two drinks!”Qin Xiaomin said,I snatched the menu from Cai Li,Then started ordering。
At this time, Xia Jian had mixed feelings,He did not expect to meet Cai Li again in a place like this。Although Cai Li’s heart is surging,But she still pretended to be nonchalant。
Qin Xiaomin ordered several dishes when he got excited,Also asked for a few bottles of beer。Cai Li glanced at Xia Jian,With a slight smile, he took the menu and left。Xia Jian just recovered,He asked Qin Xiaomin quietly:“Are you here to eat noodles or vegetables?”
“Eat vegetables first,Eat noodles again”Qin Xiaomin said and shook his head like a child。
First1332chapter Yuanjia Road is narrow
Quiet small courtyard,Qin Xiaomin was very happy to have a beer with Xia Jian。
Maybe Cai Li greeted the back chef,So Xia Jian’s dishes are very fast,And the taste of each dish is really impeccable。Qin Xiaomin who ate was applauded again and again,I always say it’s better than the dishes in the hotel。
Xia Jian did not expect,This Qin Xiaomin is a person who can drink beer,Less than half an hour,There are only two bottles left in a box of beer。Qin Xiaomin’s small face slowly changed color,She was drinking,While eating,And I kept talking to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian looked at this woman,It feels like she has changed in a blink of an eye。Suddenly,Qin Xiaomin put down the wine glass in his hand,He lowered his voice and asked Xia Jiandao:“Do you have a story with the boss here??”
Qin Xiaomin’s words hit Xia Jian’s pain,After he drank a full glass of beer,Then he took a breath and said:“Not only has a story,And this story is very beautiful”
“is it?Can i have the honor to listen?”Qin Xiaomin looks naughty。
Xia Jian sighed,The past came to mind in an instant,When he was about to tell Qin Xiaomin about his old stories with Cai Li,Suddenly there was a quarrel in the restaurant outside。
Xia Jian pricked up his ears and listened,Stood up suddenly,Strode out。Qin Xiaomin wanted to stop Xia Jian,But how can she catch up,In this way, the two ran out of the back kitchen one after another。
Inside the small restaurant,Surrounded at least twenty people。Cai Li was naturally surrounded in the middle,Behind her stood two chefs in white coats,They are holding kitchen knives in their hands。
Standing opposite Cai Li are five or six guys with dyed yellow hair,I look at the age of 27 or 18。The leader is tall and thin,There is an obvious scar on the face。
“Boss Cai!You give me less nonsense,Two conditions,Or pay us 5,000 yuan,Or move from here,Otherwise I will smash your shop”Scarface said viciously。