Two beasts look at each other,The last bite,A sacrifice to the gods,A blood-red bead spit out one mouth,The body shape flashes and then sinks into the sky。

But see the dark sky,After the two light balls collide again,The yellow ball of light grew dim、Almost shaky,White light ball seizes the opportunity,Suddenly the light skyrocketed,Hit Li Tianchou again with a boom,This time it is bound to kill the opponent in one fell swoop,What is divine and undivine is not important anymore,This time the great evildoer has suffered heavy losses,The core preachers and guardians were killed and wounded,The old demon vows to bury Li Tianchou,To vent my anger。
Suddenly two groups of fireflies flew out of the yellow ball of light,One purple and one red,Long windward,It becomes as big as the moon in an instant,Extremely dazzling,A thick purple lightning appeared out of thin air,With a click, it hit the white ball of light that came from the impact.,Very vicious。
White light ball meal,Becoming bright and dark,Large cracks appeared on the surface of the light,The preacher was clearly injured by this blow,Then there was another flash of red light,Fly straight into the white ball of light,Puff out,The white ball of light can no longer support,Suddenly exploded in the air,The dazzling light illuminates the entire Dala Mountain like daylight,Haven’t dissipated for a long time。
The yellow ball of light was shaken far away by the huge shock wave without any suspense,Then fall into the mountains like a free fall,The two light clusters, one purple and one red, turn into meteors and follow the light ball.,No more sound。
The rumbling rumbling noise keeps on,Rock rolling,dusty,The main peak of Dala Mountain collapsed again,And the scale is bigger than before,From the deepest part of the mountain faintly heard a very sad hiss,Just like the devil in hell repeatedly burned by the fire of karma,Make every believer present feel extremely fearful,Especially when they feel the creation god in their hearts collapsed,That kind of great loss and sadness makes them feel helpless,I forgot to escape,Many people are buried in the rolling mountain rocks。
Resolute incarnation,Undoubtedly played a crucial role,One step later,It is difficult for Li Tianchou to escape the last fatal blow of the opponent,This risk is worth it,And until the two divine beasts hurried back,Tiangong’s seal formation is still stable。
At that time, the avatar was completely spared,If the two mythical beasts don’t agree,He will use the seal of heaven to open the seal formation,Release the trapped gods in Nantianmen,Life is almost gone,Regardless of the flood。
When Li Tianchou woke up, the sky was bright,Found myself in the dark and dense forest,There is a huge ravine beside him,Looks like it fell very badly,I don’t know how long I lay in a coma,Recalling the battle last night,Extremely dangerous,I am also extremely afraid。
I checked my body briefly,The physical body is fine,But in the blue space deep in my mind,He can’t sense the existence of the avatar,So hurriedly urged the eye of insight,It took a long time to find the dusty cotton in the depths of space,He seems to fall asleep,Only a very weak mental fluctuation,Weak almost imperceptible。
In crisis,Mobilize two sacred beasts to rescue,Must be the incarnation,Li Tianchou can easily understand,It’s hard for this guy,He immediately sat cross-legged beside the cotton ball,Run the focus chapter for its healing,Mainly to repair the mental energy loss caused by the opponent’s excessive weakness,It’s not too difficult。
The magic of the focus chapter lies in the severely damaged soul、The rapid concentration and recovery of the soul,It is also a great help for the recovery of mental power,quickly,The dust of the ruined cotton ball gradually faded,Although there is still no obvious luster,But it’s better than before。
Li Tianchou cuts off spiritual consciousness,I also need to recover,Although I regret a lot,But this is definitely not the time to act rashly,The old evildoer is indeed difficult,The created preachers are also very difficult to mess with,But after this tossing, I found a lot of ways,I have accumulated a lot of experience to enter Dala Mountain again later。