Just when Xiaoping’s laughter fell,Xia Jian suddenly turned around,Wave of left hand,Has knocked away the right hand of the small flat head,Sweep down,Xiaoping head crawled on the ground with a plop。

People dancing around thought these two guys were practicing street dance。Xia Jian succeeded,Leading Long Manli and Chen Fang to walk quickly without looking back。
When I first walked to the entrance of the hall,Hula, seven or eight yellow-headed guys came up,Each of them held half a wooden stick in their hands。
Xiaopingtou came out from behind these people,He laughed and said:“Okay kid,There are not many people who dare to beat Chen San here,Even if you win the lottery today,Save something and go!“
Long Manli saw that something was going wrong,She was busy whispering to Chen Fang:“You find a chance to sneak out,Find Zhao Dong and Young Master Lin“
Xia Jian didn’t look at these people at all through Jiu Jin,He laughed and said:“What do you think of uncle,Just let it go and get it,Don’t just stand there and practice your mouth”
Xiaopingtou has been around for many years on this occasion,He’s not afraid of things,But I have never seen anyone as fearless as Xia Jian,Obviously alone,And unarmed,But the tone is not small。
“Good boy,Since you are so kind,Then leave an arm down to commemorate the Lord”Xiaopingtou finished,Wave of right hand,Which yellow hairs rushed towards Xia Jian。
Only then did the hall realize that something happened here,The music stopped,And turned on the light。Everyone gathered around here。The most eye-catching fight,They really treat this place as a Hong Kong movie。
Which yellow hairs are yelling in their mouths,Like a pack of hungry wolves,They separately rushed towards Xia Jian in different directions。Xia Jian couldn’t help being surprised,He thought these people were mobs,I didn’t expect them to be well trained。He should not be careless,Otherwise, I really have to leave an arm for others。
Say it’s too late,When whoever is less than one meter away,Xia Jian shouted,The whole person sprang from the ground,When approaching one meter above the ground,The right foot swept out like a big broom。
This style of play,These people really haven’t seen it before,When the reaction comes,Two people screamed,The stick in my hand has long been lost。
Xia Jian who tore a hole,Tigers,He bumps left and right,With screams,Kung fu in a blink of an eye,These seven or eight yellow hairs all fell to the ground。
Where is Xiaopingtou for a while?,He knows this person is good,But he just didn’t know his skill was so high。Xia Jian twisted his neck,Asked while drinking:“Are you coming to practice two tricks too”
“no need!Even if you are great tonight,But don’t forget,This area is Longye’s site,You walk carefully”Xiaopingtou said to Xia Jian in a threatening tone。
at this time,The crowd of onlookers spread out,Gu Yue and Zhao Demin,And Lin Changsheng and the others came over。
Lin Changsheng shouted all the way:“Isn’t this San??Why did you start with your own people??”
Xiaoping glanced at Lin Changsheng,Said Xiaorou without a smile:“Yo!Young Master Lin,What do you say,What one’s own?”
“He is Mr. Gu’s person,President Gu is my friend again,Are you your own”Lin Changsheng laughed and said。