The end of the month is coming soon,I don’t know how to tell my wife when I go home,Yan Xiaoyi’s face is also clouded。

“Then we are too cold!How do I feel that Brother Xiang has set up this inn just to get Xiangyang a place to live off campus?”
Put the mop back in place,Han Genji still has some reservations about his maid outfit,But since I came to lick the dog,There is no need to care about some sections。
But it’s almost half a month before Fenglin Night Inn,Except Xiangyang and her classmates,Few people come。
Glance at Fenglinwan’s decoration style,It should be quite likable,Otherwise, Xiangyang’s female classmates will not come and take selfies,If you can pay,More perfect。
“Get off work when you finish!”
Waved impatiently,The aunts who came out of the elevator smiled and said goodbye to Yan Xiaoyi and Han Genji,Good monthly salary,Work easy,Some of these aunts are a little bit higher than their children’s monthly salary,Life is satisfied。
When everyone passes by Han Genji,,Will say that the foreman has worked hard,Han Geunji was forced to smile。I was thinking about finding some young and beautiful female college students,But Yao Yao insists on using these aunts who are not rich in life,This made Han Genji feel uncomfortable for a while。
“Brother Yanzi,How i feel,Our inn is a bit like a charity organization!”
Holding his head feebly,Self in the mirror,Han Genji doesn’t dare to recognize each other anymore。
Listening to Han Genji’s complaints,Yan Xiaoyi has the same thoughts,But when Yan Xiaoyi saw Yao Yao stepping into Fenglin Night’s door,The depression in Yan Xiaoyi’s heart was instantly wiped out,Han Genji not far from him,Same look。
Different from Yan Xiaoyi,Han Genji can be educated by Yao Yao himself,For Yao Yao’s terrible,Han Genji believes that no one knows better by himself。
I really don’t know how to call Yao Yao,Later, I found out that I followed those aunts called Boss Yao Yao,The latter is willing to accept,So Yan Xiaoyi and Han Genji also called Yao Yao boss with the aunts。After all, whether it’s Brother Yao Yao or sister,All quite awkward。