Chen Geng shows his identity,Just telling each other:Hey!Buddies,I already recognize you。

This is recognized by others,The other party didn’t panic,Holding Chen Geng’s hand and shook it twice:“It is a great honor to meet you, Mr. Fernandez,You can call me tom。”
Chen Geng smiled and nodded:“Ok,Mr. Tom,Nice to meet you,How can i help you?”
This man is free and easy,Shrugged:“Mr. Fernandez and I are together,There is also a used car sales company in Windsor。”
Used car dealers from Canada?
Chen Geng was a little surprised,I didn’t expect this guy to be his colleague in Canada,Speaking of,Two days ago Elizabeth still confidently said that she would go to Canada to explore the market.,Unexpectedly, the second-hand car dealers in Canada would come to the door。
Unexpected,Chen Geng can’t help but feel a little proud:“Then in your opinion,how are you feeling?”
“Very powerful!”Tom nodded sincerely:“I was a bit weird about everyone’s choices before,But after reading your company’s service and after-sales commitment,I have to admit,It is correct that the people of Windsor chose to come here to buy a car。”
He complimented Chen Geng by the way。
Compliments from colleagues made Chen Geng very happy,He is in a good mood:“So?You are ready to cooperate with me?”
The other party is just curious,I came to Detroit to observe my business?Chen Gengcai didn’t believe it was like this,Ninety-nine chance,This guy has a good vision,At the beginning of Fernandez,I realized that Fernandez’s sales model,It’s a revolution for the used car sales industry,In order to seize the opportunity,I just came to work with myself。
It turns out that Chen Geng’s guess was right,This buddy shrugged:“If this sales model is really good,Why not?Mr. Fernandez,Don’t know if it is convenient to take me to visit your company、The situation in the repair shop and your partner?”
This guy knows a lot!
First61chapter The first step abroad
Tom wants to visit quite a few places,The first stop Chen Geng accompanied him on the tour was the maintenance department of Fernandez。