Carry out farmers’ professional skills training

Recently, the Guiyang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau combined the "I was doing practical things for the masses", and the Six Town Shanshan Village, the Six Town Town, Zhili County, launched the "Pig Round Safety" theme ", and helping the country to revitalize "Farmers’ professional skills promotion training, pig breeding farmers, village committees, cadres, village group leaders, village cadres, science and technology specialists, etc. 30 people participated in training learning.

This training invited Professor Zhang Yiphao, a professor of livestock experts in Guizhou University, focusing on the key links of pig breeding, transportation, slaughtering, harmless treatment, etc., for the proposal, development and hazards, transmission channels, and prevention Detailed explanation, etc. Specific problems such as pig safety medication, breeding breeding, and environmental murder selection of breeding farmers are learned.

The training further strengthened the concept of epidemic prevention of farmers and enhanced the skills of farmers ‘scientific and epidemic prevention and village committee cadres’ pig production development guidance services.

The support of the farmer said that many of the specific production and cultured processes have been solved by bringing problems and experts. (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.