Xia Jian received Guan Tingna from her account,Is like a tiger with wings。

The Baili introduced by Yao Junli is already very good,Plus one Guan Tingna,A team of three of them,The combat effectiveness is very powerful。
Xia Jian’s two short days in Bucheon,The job he arranged for Bai Li,When he comes back,This woman is all done,And they are all finished with high quality,Xia Jian couldn’t help but admire this。
This afternoon,Xia Jian drove the same,Bring your two employees,Went to the southern suburbs,To see which piece of land in Zhangluhe Village。What Xia Jian didn’t expect was,Which of the original big pits is gone,It seems that He Yumei led the villagers to have completed the work。
Xia Jian is so happy,He immediately called He Yumei,Express thankfulness。He Yumei is very humble,She chatted with Xia Jian,Then I changed the topic and asked what started the construction.。 This makes Xia Jiangui stump,But he casually dealt with two sentences,He Yumei heard Xia Jian’s embarrassment。So I didn’t ask further。
After hanging up,Xia Jian said to Bai Li:“You take Vice President Guan to the Economic Development Committee tomorrow,Bring the final drawings of this industrial park,Let them confirm the name of the industrial park。We want to bid for construction immediately”
“it is good!Or we go now?”Bai Li asked Guan Tingna softly。
Guan Tingna frowned,Took a breath and said:“Tomorrow!Since I’m here today,I want to ask Mr. Xia a few questions。You want to build an industrial park here,Has the sewage been considered??”
“This project is a municipal plan,It is also a key project of Pingdu。By the city**Catch it yourself。Therefore, they have taken the sewage into consideration in the design。Which is the sewer in the south,After one kilometer,Convenient to build sewage treatment system,Then drain into Jihe”Xia Jian explained to Guan Tingna very well。
Guan Tingna nodded and said:“Ok!This is a question that must be considered。There is no pollution when building factories。Is there a source of drinking water for villagers along the way,Will it pollute the crops of the villagers?,These are all issues to consider”
“What you said is in place,I considered this issue at the time,Also went to the Economic Development Committee,Discussed with the relative leader on this matter。They stated,This sewage purification system was purchased from abroad,They pay the money”Xia Jian explained this to Guan Tingna very seriously。
Guan Tingna’s frowning brows slowly stretched。She smiled and said:“Simple to build a new industrial park,But trying to deal with pollution is really a problem。Since you said so,I can rest assured that,Tomorrow we can consider bidding when we get the drawings”
“Hey!President Xia,I am afraid that few construction companies in Pingdu can undertake such a large-scale project.!”Bai Li on the side suddenly asked Xia Jian。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“You are right,Pingdu can’t even find a family,The provincial capital does,But they undertook a similar project in Bucheon。I don’t know if they still have the ability to undertake our project”
“Which one”Guan Tingna asked softly。
Xia Jian lowered his voice and said:“Dongsheng Group,You should have heard of it!”
“Of course I have heard of this,Provincial well-known enterprises,Should be a leader in the construction industry in our province”Guan Tingna said with a smile。
Xia Jiangang is going to speak,The phone rang。He took it out and took a look,Can’t help but smile:“Talk about Cao Cao,Cao Cao will be there,It seems we should go to meet the boss of Dongsheng Group”
Xia Jian said,Connected to the phone。Hu Huiru’s cheerful voice came on the phone:“Hello Mr. Xia!I meet you”