She Letian said with a cold snort:“Two days ago,We will sacrifice so many brothers to kill the wolf gang,You two don’t have to do anything,I also share the site of Nancheng District with you。

What are you not satisfied with!”
Guo Baojun sneered:“She Letian,What you divide us is just two slums in Nancheng,No oil or water。
You are sincerely dividing our territory,Just put a few casinos in Nancheng、Hand over the site of the brothel!”
“you……You deceived too much!”
She Letian is angry,Staring coldly at the two,After thinking about it, Ming Wu came over:“I understand,Even if you two don’t have Hu Li,Also want to get rid of me soon!”
Hu Mazi said even more:“Lao She,You understand。
Originally, our four families divided Qinghe Town equally,Everyone is fine。
You just broke this balance,You robbed old wolf’s territory,Let you develop for a few more years,There is still a way for our two families to survive。”
After all, it’s an interest relationship,She Letian originally thought that he could stabilize Hu Mazi and Guo Baojun for a few years by laying down part of the site he handed over in Nancheng District.,Unexpectedly, the greed of the two is better! She Letian stared at Hu Mazi and Guo Baojun,Shook his head and said:“You calculated well,Actually sent someone to attack my headquarters when I set up Hu Li。
But you still missed a little bit,Can you kill me with your two waste materials?!”
“Haha……” Hu Mazi said with a big laugh:“Lao She,We have been in Qinghe Town for more than ten years,Know the root,I don’t know how much you weigh?
I admit that I can’t kill you by myself,But with Lao Guo,Enough to kill you three times!”
“benne,What to do with him。
Already turned,Kill him first!”
Talking,The iron rod in Guo Baojun’s hand“call”Scream,Sweep towards She Letian。
Although this stick is just a simple one“Total Annihilation”,But the power is not small,The screaming sound from the stick,Chen Xiu, who was watching from the roof, was secretly surprised。
The stick is the division of a hundred soldiers,Have a fight、Uncover、hack、point、cover、Pressure、cloud,sweep、wear、Support、pick、tease、Dial and other attack actions。